Guidance the key to success.? Do you have any?

Last Update: January 21, 2016

Guidance is the key to success. When you are born, from that time some one is their to guide you.First your parents and then in school your teachers and in college your professors . Other than that there will be so many people whom you meet in your life's journeywho influences you and guides to success.

I consider my mother as my guide in all walks of life. After all Mother is your supposed to be living God ..

Do you have any one who inspired you to take guidance from them in life a friend,a teacher or a philosoher?


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KatieMac Premium
we have to be open to opportunities thank you, my mum passed away to young however she still left words of wisdom to see us through
soucss Premium
My dad is the person who inspired me the most, miss him :)
ibmountain Premium
I hope I can provide guidance for folks starting with my kids : )