Things Are Taking Shape

Last Update: November 12, 2019

The wheels are in motion and things have started to take shape since adding some imagery. It's made the website and the articles I've written so far come alive from stagnant black and white, and breathes color now. In doing so and seeing the results it has spurred me on to want to create more articles and blogs, accompanied by creative imagery, which I'm sure I'll be doing as the training and courses progress further.

The Sculpting Process

It's taken me a little time to perfect my layout and alignment of the images as I'm new to WordPress and its many features and functions. I've had to do numerous image size adjustments to get them to fit how I wanted and all the images have been cropped and edited further in Photoshop CS2 to bring them alive in their little 250 x 250px box. I don't know how the WA community feel about it, but I felt like I was editing better in WordPress, rather than Site Content which I mainly use for the writing side of the content and articles.

I found myself constantly going back and forth between WordPress, my editing and the preview page. I wanted three images to sit alongside each other under some text, center aligned, with a couple of spaces gap between each other and taking up a whole row, going from left to the right of a standard website screen. What was confusing me was the fact that in WordPress it was presenting my images as two at the top and underneath, the third. I found out that this was just something to do with the displaying of them and no room to show them as the finished product, so they were getting "wrapped" as text does when it is constrained in documents. I figured it out through trial, error and experience.

While adding imagery to the latest article and past entries, I'm already making notes of ideas of other content I can write about. Things are looking good, feeling good and certainly taking shape in the right direction.

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AlexEvans Premium
Hi, Steve looks like things are rolling in the right direction for you.

The more we immerse in the journey the more the ideas seem to flow in.

keep growing your website and online presence.