Splitting the Atom

Last Update: November 12, 2019

HI 2 you all fellow readers, thought I'd post a quick blog and update on how I'm doing and where I am since joining Wealthy Affiliate in November 2018. I'm still working on and am in the process of a second "keyword rich" article as well as waiting on earning another community feedback credit. Progress through the course, lessons and material feels like and appears at a slower pace than others but I try not let this factor phase me, I'm in no rush, it's not a race and I do like to be thorough - striving for an attempted perfection in my work and content.

I've cleverly split the current article into two, a part one and a part two using the same keyword and title because I've found that my content will branch into eight topics and I wanted to keep to the template provided, so as you can imagine I've got article two on the go here, including a title that includes the keyword then part one added after and an unstarted third article using the above, but part two.

By doing this splitting method, I've not only prepped what the content of my third article will include but saved a very, very long article and I can now write up a specific "video games" article and a "board games" article instead of mixing them under the one appropriate title. Have a look when they're both fully published to get a grasp of what I've done. Don't know if it's right or wrong, by doing it but it helps me and is still beneficial to the site, so should be okay.

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Treadstone02 Premium
HI 2 you all once again. After just reading through some relevant posts and comments in the community, I now believe that finding keywords specific to each article is a better idea than the "Part 1 and Part 2" approach and using the same keywords. I will concentrate on making this revision.

Thank you Wealthy Affiliate community, quicker answers than even "Googling" the question! Boom!