Next Level on Final Approach - Early Levels Review

Last Update: November 12, 2019

The Journey

As level two becomes small in distance, just a destination on my journey that I stopped off at, I soar upwards and onward to a new level three in this Wealthy Affiliate training. It's on final approach as I look back at the journey so far and my accomplishments and progress to be proud of.

I started out in November 2018 and although a technically minded guy was very new to website building, SEO, affiliate marketing, Jaaxy and Wordpress. I've had my "eureka" moments and personal struggles with self-doubt, confidence in the work, the website I'm constructing and my productivity.

In-Flight Entertainment

My niche idea has started out looking specifically at all things related to video games and board games. Taking Kyle's advice from the start I've only been producing content around these areas, even though I eventually want the website to explore a whole array of indoor hobbies, interests and entertainment niches.

Taking on board my original idea would have been as Kyle stated, "overwhelming." Even with the focus on just the above it's surprising how many article ideas I've jotted down, what I've produced so far and the topics I can explore and still with room to maneuver around.

Plane Sailing

Looking and thinking back to the more happy, enjoyable moments creating what I've done so far, one memorable moment for me was landing on a domain name that although started as something else, ended up being a great fit. Rainy Day Entertainment was my original idea, followed by variations of New Day, Play Day etc.

What I ended up with was not only creative, but clever and an unused domain name that suited very closely to the theme of my website. See the full story of that moment in a previous blog, 'I Love it When a Plan Comes Together'

I've also enjoyed the adding of images to my site, playing around with color, enhancements and effects. Thinking of the optimum best placement and size while keeping the images consistent as possible through the articles. Being quite skilled with graphics, photos, images and Photoshop CS2 software this has been a lot of fun.

Another enjoyment I've relished is the moment sitting back and looking at a well formatted article, perfected wording and presentation, content written and imagery. Getting feedback and comments on each article is a big thing for me due to the work gone into each I produce.


It hasn't been all happy moments though unfortunately, a lot of which is simply what's going on in my own head. My productivity, pace, doubts about content or even the whole niche and in general my efforts. As stated I've almost completed level two and yet I started out in November 2018. I hear myself saying, "it's not a race, go at your own pace."

Through all the training and work I've been one of the slow, meticulous types of workers, attempting to perfect the presentation, get images looking great, good use of words, punctuation and grammar in the content. I've produced good articles and have had positive feedback from family, friends and WA community members but I still beat myself up for not producing enough to publish.

I've soaked up the training as much as I can, sometimes re-reading and watching tutorial videos up to three times around and confidently putting the tick in the complete box at the end of the sections.

I've had to find workarounds in Wordpress when editing the content and especially paragraphing, headings and layout after bringing the finished post over from Site Content. I've encountered no end to issues getting things how I want them when previewing them through a browser, at times I've even gone into HTML mode just to find and copy a block of repeated code, just for the formatting. At times my posts have got into a right tangle but I managed to figure it out.

I've had a particular user persistently trying to post comments on my articles that are crude and full of sexual innuendo, regarding what I've written. Luckily as an administrator to the site his comments have never reached screen.

Copyright issues has always been one of my worries as I'm working with a lot of products artwork, screenshots and branding. I've used stock photos where I can and edited others beyond it's original to get an effect I wanted. I've tried not to worry too much as one thing I picked up on and read is generally images that may be subject to copyright, can be used decoratively as long as they are not used for monetary gain.

The other way I looked at it, is that all the information and images I'm putting out there is surely only promoting these items and products for the developers and publishers.

Changing Course

At some point not too far back I started to look into a revamp of my current site layout. I thought about color change to text and background, I thought about the layout of articles and widgets and looked into and previewed many themes, most of which were limited until you pay a cost to get more.

ColorMag from Theme Grill has been a great theme for me, with quite a few options and variables to play with without incurring costs. My site is now different from what it was when I first started out and as much as I'm still toying around with the idea of further manipulation, it'll do for now.

Short Haul Flight Plans - Three Months

I'd like to produce further content, articles and posts keeping to the templates and writing goals in Site Content as best possible. I'd like to increase my frequency of what I'm writing and producing but still retaining my style, quality, professionalism and presentation. I'd like to know how to produce chapter or topic shortcut links or buttons in each of my articles, saving the user scrolling endlessly up and down the article to look at certain sections

I'd also like to start exploring the ways how this website in its simplest of forms can or will make revenue.

Long Haul Flight Plans - Six Months

As above, hopefully this far down the line my website has got some good amount of content present. Hopefully I have more "news" articles/posts in order to present them in my specific "news" image widget boxes that I have in mind. Hopefully that this far forward there are things in place that are more specific to affiliate marketing than just glorifying and tarting up a website with images.

Hopefully I'll get through the next level or levels at a better pace too without being too harsh on myself and making sure that every step of the way I'm learning and soaking in what's being introduced to the training. I also hope and want to explore further information, videos, training, tips wrote up and presented by others here at WA through the training or classrooms. Gain that extra knowledge and a broader skill set on how to become a better affiliate marketer.

November 2019 is only around the corner so I believe it'll be a no brainer for me to re-invest in myself and renew my excellent domain name again should that necessity arise.

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From the looks of it I think I have an idea what you'll be writing about for your niche. :-)

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