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Last Update: Nov 15, 2019

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Over the weekend I did some driving about in my motor, a few chores and that and found myself getting giddy at the thought that my vehicle had almost clocked 60,000 miles. It was hard to concentrate on the road with that lumbering event about to happen, my eyes were darting up and down between the dash and the windscreen wanting to witness the change and not wanting to miss it. . . I believe I did unfortunately, but better safe than sorry.

It was a little like that feeling we've all had on New Year's Eve watching that clock countdown and a whole load of new numbers appearing on watches, gadgets and devices. That strange feeling of dread, in that happy moment expecting something to happen, a light go out perhaps, an omen or some sort of strange phenomenon. A time that we all used to reflect, think back to what we've achieved and look forward to the near future with all things anew.


This special event, a simple small turn of time and numbers got me thinking about my time here with Wealthy Affiliate and its training platform as my first year is almost upon me. The virtual countdown has started, my membership will come to an end and I've already had a reminder about my unique domain name auto-renewing, that I'd like to keep and continue with.

I've had one of those moments recently where I've taken a step back, well not literally - more like sat back in my chair and looked through my website and its progress. It hasn't got enough tabs yet, needs more posts/articles, I want to use anchor points for post/article sections and I want to start bringing in more traffic and monetizing it. As I've stated on many blogs and emails within the WA community, I feel I'm slow paced and I do take time over details and the work, I strive for quality and presentation and even if it's not making a penny yet, I'm enjoying the creative journey, learning about all this and watching the site come to life - as it has done.

Miles Ahead

I've so much more to learn either it is through the training, other videos and training classes the community have put out there, Wordpress skills and functions etc. I'm still putting the time in after work, weekdays and more at weekends. I'm going the extra mile by trying to find time to blog, look at other websites in the community and offer feedback, offer welcoming and helpful advice and encouragement to new Wealthy Affiliate members and moving away from the training and diving into the many other published classes by you good folk.

My mind is a sponge and I want to learn, I want this site I've been working on to look good, flourish and expand, importantly I want this investment to work for me as it has with others and their motivational success stories. In order to do this, I'm going to have to keep my eyes on the dash this time, watch the change in numbers and time and feel the excitement of an educational new year with Wealthy Affiliate once again and not miss a trick!

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Hello Treadstone, if I'm correct I think many people feel the same way as you do; this tells me you're not alone.

The training here will help you move along to the right place, just keep focused on the training which can be found on the top menu.

I look forward to seeing your success testimonials,


That is exactly the same as we move forward to our goals. Welcome to WA. I am delighted to meet you!

Glad to be here, one year almost in the bag.

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