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Hi I would like to thank you all for stopping by and visiting My Space here at WA. I am relatively new here to this great community of people, and have found many wonderful and loving people gathered here in this small part of cyber world.

I have searched for many years to find the key to the hidden mystery of Internet Marketing. It seems that most people who know anything about it, are very reluctant to share their secrets. Not so here on Wealthy Affiliate.

Now I'm really not sure how you got here whether by invitation or your just browsing through the profiles as I sometimes do, but again I want to thank you and invite you to stay and become my friend.

I guess I should start by telling you a little bit about myself.

I was raised in what I consider to be a big family; there were a total of 11 kids in all, and I was number ten. My Mom and Dad were older when I came along, but I really had a lot of fun growing up, and feel sorry for those who were not as fortunate as I consider myself to be.

I always loved music and spent many of my early years learning to craft songs, and loved the idea of being a songwriter. I used to have fun writing Parodies and copying the writing styles of other writers.

I thought one day I would somehow be involved in the music industry, but as you can see that did not happen, because my life took a new direction and I never followed that dream.

In the years that have passed I have found myself in many different endeavors, but one thing I have always been interested in is marketing. So I am here to learn all I can about this art and craft, and hopeful make some new friends along the way.

Anyway I am very excited to be here with everyone at WA, and hope to share in the joys of learning this new business. I plan to post my progress along the way, knowing that there is plenty of help here at WA.

And again thank you for stopping by.
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cashjugunu Premium
I like to take time out of my very busy schedule to welcome new folks here at WA...so here


I have added you to my buddy list - would appreciate it if you'd reciprocate.


johnmozier2 Premium
Welcome aboard, One huge new hot trend is self branding. This is great for charismatic people, and although I've read only one paragraph and seen one picture, I think there's a high probability that describes you.

Best of Luck,
soloist Premium
Hi trbutler i have just joined team your team of the 30 day challenge, i would love to hear ideas of how this team is going to go forward, look forward to talking to you all and working with you. soloist
KenFleck Premium
hi trbutler, good to see you on WA. Good to see that your son is in the air force...my dad worked for the army for his whole career. How have you been doing in the business so far? I'm excited to have a community around me for this venture!
belaboo Premium
Hi, saw your WA space and wanted to welcome you to WA~ a month later! I wish you much success; this is a great place to be. I saw what you wrote about your son, you must be very proud of him. My boyfriend is an instructor pilot in the Navy Reserves (he teaches the new students how to fly) and he is also a maintenance test pilot at NAS Corpus Christi. Since he was little he wanted to be a fighter pilot just like his dad. Just thought I would share a little something in common.
Take care,
trbutler Premium
Hey belaboo:

Got your post, and thought I would let you know my son is Stationed down in Del Rio, and has flew into the Air Base at Corpus Christi Many times. So you never know these guys might even know each other. Sounds silly, but this really is a small world. Amazing how you can run into someone who you may share similar interest or knowledge. I know it is very hard for most guys to qualify for the Fighter Pilots. But for my son this was a lifelong dream, and one the he has pursued with all his heart. Hey I could keep going on, so I just want to wish you all the luck. And hope that very, very soon you can quit your J.O.B. (JUST OVER BROKE) Take care and let%u2019s keep in touch and share our progress. I do have another guy I have been learning a lot from as far as marketing, so I will probably be posting that stuff here, and will be sure to share with you on that.