Today I'll be showing you a couple of organizing tricks in Wordpress. Imagine you wanted to create a page on your website that listed blog posts from a certain category; thus making it much easier to post all of your articles in Posts rather than Pages. You would probably want to hide those posts from your main page blog as well, right? If you still don't follow, let me explain using my own Niche.

I am making an Alternative Healing website full of information on recipes, exercises, diets, herbs and so on and so forth. Sometimes I'll want to add a new recipe to my recipe page while also making a post on my blog about the same recipe so people following my blog will see it. I got to thinking about how I could make it so I didn't have to enter the same information twice, in a blog post and on a new page and then having to link the new page on the main recipe page. I also wanted to be able to take old blog posts about recipes or what not, off the front page after a while so my blog isn't cluttered, while also still having them on the Recipes page. Well, I've found just the solution for that and I would like to share it with all of you because this will make a lot of your lives with websites much easier and more manageable. Some of you won't need this for your Niche but follow along and learn how to do this just in case in the near or distant future, you find yourself needing to.


  1. Understanding the WP Hide Posts Plugin
  2. Installing and Using the WP Hide Posts Plugin
  3. How to Create a Page to Display All Posts from One Category
I will be making this as simple as possible for those who don't know their way around Wordpress and if you are still confused, don't hesitate to comment here or PM me and I or someone else will be more than happy to help.

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shelley8492 Premium
I'm on my next lesson of authorship. Some of my pages are showing up with authorship, though it says "no excerpt is showing...". Do I need to add descriptions to my pages for that to change? Maybe I missed that in earlier training. Next thing- some of my "pages" are really categories. I felt a set up that way was best for me for exactly the reason you mentioned in this video. I noticed if I check authorship in the snippet tool for a place where blog posts will go - it does not have authorship, but if I take out the word "category" in the URL it does. Since most of my posts will be in categories and not pages, how could I set this up so I receive authorship on my blogs, or do we really only need it on a page? I don't think I will be adding any blogs to my pages, only the categories. Does this make sense?
reefswimmer Premium
hey, thx so much for this ! Lots of details I will find helpful.

When I read the first page---your intro--I wanted to insert just one thought. Moving content around, between blog and website for instance, I do think we have to be super-careful not to create duplicate content by mistake or simply by being unaware. . You know how deeply Google despises duplicate content, and what happens to websites when people do that. Sometimes people don't even realize that a blog IS a website.

I'm really no expert, but I do think this awareness is important. Agree?
michaeli Premium
HELP! I followed your instructions and the post disappeared from the front page but it is not on the Blog Page there is a link still on the Home page for the post but I need to make the new Blog page home for the posts instead of just a page.
klrrider Premium
I have one site in particular that this will really help me on.

Thanx for creating this resource.

P. S. I'm starting to have more plugins than Chins in a Chinese phone book!
You're welcome klrrider! Be careful not to get too lost in the book of plugins, it's easy to do!
slayton1s Premium
I haven't read it all to be honest, but nice post. I know this is just 1 method of doing things that is more oriented towards keeping things simple for your reader. A good example of a website that doesn't keep it simple for your readers & does the exact opposite of what this is teaching is (lol). You have to weed out the 400+ posts he has on his website and figure out everything that's on it, which can take days without buying his products directly. I'll save this & go back to it later. I see you've found a few other plugins besides the Exclude Pages one.
Yes but the main issues with the others is they haven't been updated to work in the latest upgrades to Wordpress. Sometimes it's difficult to keep up with Wordpress because they're always making changes! Someday I will learn how to make plugins...once I get a steady income from this business! His website is disorganized but you know, at least he has the content and has the solutions out there whenever he decides to look for them ^_^
slayton1s Premium
Hey Kara, that's cool you're wanting to make plugins in the future. My plan was to make a few plugins in the future too when I started understanding more about computer language. I'm pretty sure most of the plugins are built around PHP, so you'd have to learn all about that.


Is a great site I found for learning this on your own time anyway. :) If you need help with something too, just send me a message. I know a lot about Internet Marketing.
Thank you. I'm sure we will have a nice business relationship :)
slayton1s Premium
Hey Kara,

I'd be happy to build a business partnership with you. :) You're welcome too. ;) Good luck with your online campaigns.