If you've succeeded in building up an email list, you've done well of course. You've done a good job so far and you're an action taker for that matter. But what I'm saying emphatically here is that I don't focus alone on building up an email list and you shouldn't rather.

Building up an online empire is not accomplished by focusing on list building alone but implementing all working strategies. What I am emphasizing is that you have other things to focus on while you continue building an email list alongside.

But if you were not reasoning the way I'm doing, you will still have nothing to lose focusing on list building alone, rest assured. We are just trying to share out working strategies in order to improve our overall blogging performance.

I am not saying something is wrong with building up an email list, but we're emphasizing that focusing alone on doing it is not going to work out for you if you are longing to get maximum success out of your blog. Building an email list isn't an issue at all. Of course, it's an important channel to explore in performance marketing. You just need to know all that you must focus upon and what not to focus upon alone to be a successful blogger.

Note that you're not being asked to stop building an email list but you are simply urged not to focus on doing it at the expense of other things that are needful. I still build lists but I don't focus on doing that alone like some bloggers do.

In order not to become biased, I am not criticizing anyone for building a list alone but I am simply clarifying what I discovered in my years of blogging trying, sharing out my own experience on how pointless focusing on list building alone could be. If you still personally want to continue doing that alone with your business, you are still on track.

Below are reasons I don't focus alone on list building:

  1. People need to be fully engaged on what I offer or introduce to them
  2. I need to create stronger connections with people in order to keep them engaged
  3. It pays me to keep a small list that I can engage from time to time
  4. I need to focus on what matters

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JerryMcCoy Premium
Good Post.
Israel17 Premium
Kudos to you friend! Thanks for the comment!
Donnie58 Premium
Great post and awesome advice, Israel! Thanks!
Israel17 Premium
You are welcome friend. Thanks for reading the tutorial! Much grateful!
1signbanner Premium
Israel, you have the ability to know the difference between important and not.

Good job, and thanks fo the post.

I sometimes need to be "centered" and filter out the importance in my life!
Israel17 Premium
Thanks for your commendation friend! Much appreciated!
Trujunco Premium
Direct and to the point Israel...I always look to minimize any unnecessary energy in order to better manage my time.

Being new to this I will take your opinion as solid advice...still in the learning stage, so I'll visit again as it all sinks in.

Thanks for your effort and time.
Respect, David
Israel17 Premium
As you are still in the learning stage, you just need to be an action taker in all respect and you will move mountains, be rest assured. Thanks for reading the tutorial!
AngieKitts Premium
I haven't started but soon I will . Thanks for the tip
Israel17 Premium
You are welcome into this great community friend. You are rest assured to receive help and support from the hundreds of entrepreneurs here who are willing to give it including myself. Thanks for reading!