Detect And Fix Indexing Issues Using The New Index Coverage Report

If your website is properly setup, Search engines will:

  • find it; and
  • index it quickly

There are certain things that might be inappropriate with your site and that will prevent Google from finding your site on time.

In order to get that fixed, you need the "Index Coverage" report.

Let's get started right away.

What is the function of the "Index Coverage" Report?

The Index "Coverage" report signifies which of your web pages is/are indexed. It also shows what technical issues are preventing Google from indexing your pages.

The Index Coverage report is included in the new Search Console which has completely taken over the Index Status report in the older GSC.

Take note that the Index Coverage report is a bit cumbersome but I would try and analyze its usage as much as possible in this tutorial and then wish you success.

In this tutorial, I will show you how you can detect technical issues and get them all fixed using the Index Coverage report.

How To Use The Index Coverage Report To Detect Technical Errors

At the top of the Index Coverage report, you will find the following tabs.

  • Error
  • Valid with warnings
  • Valid
  • Excluded

Let's talk about the Error tab at this moment:

As shown above, there are 26 errors on this page. As the number keeps changing from time to time, it shows on the chart.

At the bottom, you will find some URLs with each error.

You really have a lot to put into practice here.

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Makinitwork Premium
Hi Israel, I have 708 URL errors left from a deleted online shop. Can I remove them via the Removal option on Google Search Console? Site support hasn't said they can't help as such but are sending me options that are not working or out of date. Can I do a redirect? Jen
terri2018 Premium
Hi Israel, This is very helpful, thank you!

I followed the steps in your training, but I'm not sure what I need to do with this part.

Googlebot couldn't get all resources for this page. Here's a list:




Do you think this has something to do with my Twitter icon?

Thanks again.
Fleeky Premium Plus
Israel17 Premium
Thanks for getting back, Fleeky! Much grateful! This training is meant for integrating your SEO with the Google search and I believe you'd find it so useful to your business. Thanks for stopping by! Wish you success in your online endeavors!

Israel Olatunji
Fleeky Premium Plus
Yes , important to know and practice
Genelda Premium
Great training here and just what I need. I'll be doing the fix asap! Thank you again, Israel!
Israel17 Premium
Thanks for reading the tutorial friend! Much grateful!
Genelda Premium
You're most welcome!
Genelda Premium
I have resubmitted AGAIN. Darn errors. It finally let me hit the "request index". I hope it comes back okay this time!
Israel17 Premium
Yes, you are making progress with it now. Please keep it up friend.