What are Article Spinners?

The second terminology in the title is spun content. This is the act of taking a written article and swapping the words to make a new article with a reasonable uniqueness. The spinning of an article involves three kinds of words.

The first one is content words; these are words that can easily be swapped while spinning articles. It could involve using synonyms of the words to make a new sentence.

The second type of words is stop words; these include the words: for, it, with, and the likes. Google doesn’t take note of these words because they can’t be called “plagiarized” and they are needed in the construction of good sentences.

The third one is the keyword needed for SEO; they are not changed in sentences.

We have different levels of article spinning; they are:

  • Mechanically Spun: In this type of spin, the content is passed through a bot article spinner; it just swaps out the word and uses synonyms where needed. This type is not accurate and contains a lot of errors; the spun can easily be detected
  • Multi Spun: This is similar to Mechanical Spun, but it is carried out multiple times, so a single piece of content can go through the algorithm multiple times. This is to ensure that the output is completely different from the original
  • Mechano-manual Spun: This involves using the mechanical method and then hiring a writer to fix the errors present in the content
  • Manual Spun: This is carried out by a hired writer; the person makes use of the Thesaurus to find a big vocabulary that will do the job.

All these levels of spun content have their own defects; it’s either it is easy to detect or is not well-written or more expensive than the freshly-written content.

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Ahimbe Premium
I failed to get a good article from content spinners. It is indeed better to hire a content writer than posting confusing content on your website.
This training has engaged me. Thank you.
Parameter Premium
Thank you for identifying this malicious act and providing a solution to it. Most painful is that so many bloggers get into article spinning without knowing it is wrong and not knowing the overall consequence

JosephC00 Premium Plus
Thank you for the lesson on the importance of producing unique content.
RosanaHart Premium Plus
Good points. In my bad old days I did try spinners as a start for articles I rewrote manually. It sometimes did give me a ranking article in GG -- this was years ago. But I soon just got too bored with it to continue.
Israel17 Premium
That's true, Rosana. Spun content doesn't rank on Google anymore. Google has its own smart way of detecting spun content and dealing with blog owners who engage in such black hat practices. Thanks again for your contribution!

Israel Olatunji