The Major Flaws in the Spin Plan

The major belief of webmasters is that once content can pass through Copyscape, Google can’t detect it. They are making a mistake because Google is more complex than that. Let’s take a look at some of the flaws of these spinners.

  • Google knows how Spinner works

One of the defects of the spinners is that they are not complex; even a normal reader can detect if the content is spun. Then what do you expect from Google that is out looking for such content.

Google can decide to buy a copy of an article spinner to test how it works, and then can easily spot out the spun content on the net.

  • The fight is always on

Google is continuously searching for spun content and they are not tired of doing it. It’s just like the battle between antivirus and virus, it’s never going to end.

Just Hire a Writer

Article spinners are for Webmasters that want to easily run a successful blog without doing much work. The best way to rewrite an article is to do it manually; here you just give the writers some resources and tell him to produce good and unique content using the resources as ideas.


Black hat is a scheme Google totally frowns at, and it can’t get past Google. I will advise that you stop wasting your money on article spinners and just settle down for the best, which is hiring a writer to help you produce unique content.

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Ahimbe Premium
I failed to get a good article from content spinners. It is indeed better to hire a content writer than posting confusing content on your website.
This training has engaged me. Thank you.
Parameter Premium
Thank you for identifying this malicious act and providing a solution to it. Most painful is that so many bloggers get into article spinning without knowing it is wrong and not knowing the overall consequence

JosephC00 Premium Plus
Thank you for the lesson on the importance of producing unique content.
RosanaHart Premium Plus
Good points. In my bad old days I did try spinners as a start for articles I rewrote manually. It sometimes did give me a ranking article in GG -- this was years ago. But I soon just got too bored with it to continue.
Israel17 Premium
That's true, Rosana. Spun content doesn't rank on Google anymore. Google has its own smart way of detecting spun content and dealing with blog owners who engage in such black hat practices. Thanks again for your contribution!

Israel Olatunji