More Tips For Making Money with Affiliate Links

I've written a lot of "money pages" over the past few years, and I wanted to share some tips with you to get you closer to profit.

Comparison Reviews: Find the top two or three brands for a particular product and compare them in an in-depth post. It doesn't really matter if there's any traffic stats for "Product X vs Product Y", as long as there are traffic stats for "Product X Review" and "Product Y Review". There's an excellent chance you'll get ranked for something related to those products, and even if not, you will have an awesome resource to link to within your website.

Add affiliate links to both products, and you make money no matter which product someone chooses.

Post Templates: Get a formula or post template that you follow so you don't have to think too much about the structure of your post. In general, here's what I do for reviews:

  • Product at a glance
  • Introduction & Use
  • Pros & Cons
  • Video
  • Related Products
  • Conclusion or Pitch

Low Competition Posts For Traffic: One powerful method I've really been using is using low competition posts to drive traffic to your money pages. This is in your WA training anyway, so I guess I don't need to say too much about it other than it works. Write a money page, then write 10 blog posts that drive traffic to it.

One Product VS Multiple Products: One way to make money is to focus your website on a single product. All (or most) pages on your website are trying to drive traffic to that one money page. Another way to make money is to just target as many products as you can, writing tons of reviews. This high volume content creation (as long as it's quality) is a sure way to work your way up the ranks.

Don't Make The Reader Leave: You might not be making sales if you are not presenting the reader with enough information. If they read your post and still want to know more, they will do another search and you'll lose the sale. But if that information is on your site, even if they have to read another page (through internal link), the story is different. Think about what questions a buyer will have and make sure you address them all (without being verbose)

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Thanks Nathaniell
Useful info.
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Not this far along yet but good stuff to consider.
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Just responded to your PM Paul!
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great info in that tutorial, Thank you!
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Great, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. All the best:)
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Excellent article. I'm bookmarking it and will refer back. Writing product reviews is my least favorite thing to write. I know it shouldn't be but it is. I like the comparing products. I'll try that next time and see how it goes. Thanks, Nathan