Putting affiliate links in the context of your posts can be an effective way to make some sales. There are two main strategies I use.

1. Offhand Mention of Related Product

Sometimes, you are discussing a topic and just happen to think of an awesome (relevant) product you think someone would be interested in. Maybe you don't want to write a whole review of it, but still think that there's a good chance someone reading your article could buy it. A well placed affiliate link could bring in some income from a high traffic post.

For example, I watched a video about adding an extra fuel bottle to my motorcycle.

He just had a video - no article. But let's pretend he wrote a tutorial on his website including the video :) To do the project, he recommends a mounting clip which is pretty expensive ($15!). You need a specific clip to match the fuel bottle, so many people like me will just get the exact clip he mentions.

It's pretty hard to write a review just a mounting clip, so this would be an appropriate situation to link to a product without writing a review. Normally I'd recommend internally linking to to a full review.

Note: Don't get cocky and just create an affiliate link for every product ever mentioned on your website! Make sure it's relevant, and there's a good reason why someone might want to click that link other than "general interest".

2. More Exit Points

Sometimes when you are writing a full, in-depth, 2000+ word review the reader can get fatigued. Not everyone will make it to the very last call to action on your page. Maybe it's a short attention span, or maybe you already did a good job selling them the product and they just want to buy it already!

I make sure to leave some relevant exit points in the article.

In this example, I'm writing a review of the perfect kit for homebrewing beer. There are many points I need to cover in the review. But one main thing that the reader will need to consider is whether to buy plastic or glass fermenter. After this paragraph, I can either link to a review of the glass fermenter kit, or a direct affiliate link to the kit on the vendors site. See what makes more sales for you!

Oh, and notice how I made the affiliate link relevant to what I just talked about. It's not just a "click here to buy now" link.

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Thanks Nathaniell
Useful info.
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Not this far along yet but good stuff to consider.
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Just responded to your PM Paul!
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great info in that tutorial, Thank you!
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Great, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. All the best:)
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Excellent article. I'm bookmarking it and will refer back. Writing product reviews is my least favorite thing to write. I know it shouldn't be but it is. I like the comparing products. I'll try that next time and see how it goes. Thanks, Nathan