Starting Your Own Blog

In my years of trying to become successful as a blogger, I learned so many things about blogging. I realized why I fell from the onset and figured out certain things to get my blog off the ground.

Part of the mistakes I made in the beginning was that I created a free blog and leveraged a free hosting offer under a free blogging platform, all these amounting to failure and frustration.

I was so eager to start making money but realized later that making money online entails lots of commitment, patience, perseverance, persistence and determination. Not until I figured this out, I was busy wasting my whole time with useless activities that would never count in becoming a successful and rocking blogger.

I am sure a lot of people like me went through the same blogging scenario and I know many people went back and started all over again while others went away and never returned online. What category do you belong?

I didn't understand the relevance and efficacy of using a low competitive keyword in making content neither did I understand anything about SEO then. I did all I could but maintained 0% traffic despite the loads of content published.

Upon the whole blogging scenario, I logged in one day as usual and found that my blog has been deleted for no reason. That was the risk of using a free blogging platform. You don't own the blog.

You can be flushed out without notice even after months and years of publishing content and engaging your audience. It's so risky using a free blogging platform. You will have overall rest and peace when you customize your blog. It fully belongs to you. You own your domain; No one can flush you out of your own domain.

What are those things you should know when starting a blog?

#1. Know your purpose for starting a blog

#2. Identify your audience

#3. Identify your passion for blogging

#4. Figure out the way forward.

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