Quick Guide: Initial Goals

To assist you with your goals we have listed a few here:

  • Benefit by setting up your Account Profile in Wealthy Affiliate
  • Interact with Fellow Members and Ambitious Marketers through Live Chat
  • Comprehend and Figure Out the process of earning money online
  • From the beginning, learn How To Choose A Niche Market
  • Create your Very OWN Website
  • Setup your website for Success Online
  • Ensure your website WordPress Plugins Are Activated
  • Find out How To Create, Search For and Install one of over 20,000 Plugins for your website
  • Create your very First Page of Content on your website
  • Form Lasting and Quality Relationships with Fellow Members here at WA
  • Receive Timeous Assistance when you need it most
  • Understand the process of Keyword Research
  • Find a whole lot of Powerful Keywords
  • Created Valuable Content within your niche
  • Learn a whole lot of Powerful Information that is going to Help Lead You To SUCCESS

This all sounds like a lot to take in right now, that's why it's just an overview of what you can expect to be doing in Wealthy Affiliate to Make A Successful Online Business.The HOW will come later when you start training, and there is plenty of training!

Coupled with the training, the tools, and the support network we have here at Wealthy Affiliate and your eagerness to learn and become successful in building a REAL business, this is a powerful combination to accomplish much!

So let's make things happen!

Now that we know what the Initial Goals, let's find out what the 5Ws are.

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Excellent and well done
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Thanks Lozza!
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Fantastic update to the training!
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Thank you SuzQ.
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Shared your training allready:) Thanks Edu
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Thanks Loes! Much appreciated! Dank U wel!
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Excellent piece of training
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Thanks Tim! Glad you approve... it took a while I might tell you!