PPC marketing is the single most effective way to obtain WealthyAffiliate conversions and leads. It is a very stable and sustainableform of marketing, as it allows you to target specific keywords andspecific placements within the search results.

The great thing about PPC is that you can target audiences preciselyby using keywords that people search and that could be tied into aWealthy Affiliate promotion, thus increasing the quality of yourtraffic and increase your chances of a conversion.

Unlike many other marketing techniques, once you create a profitablePPC campaign it will remain profitable with very little maintenance. This allows you to focus on the "growth" of your campaigns rather thanthe maintenance component. PPC allows for a greater overallincome than a techniques such as article marketing, which can requiremore upkeep to stay "listed" within the natural search results.

There are many different PPC search networks we suggest you takeadvantage of when creating your PPC campaigns. The main ones are:

We suggest that you set-up an account for each of these whenstarting out. If you do not have the $30 investment that you have tomake when you sign-up with Yahoo Search Marketing, we suggest you stickwith just Google and Bing.

Google owns over 70% of online search traffic, so we recommendGoogle as your starting point for PPC traffic. In saying this though, Bing has made some massive progress and is gaining a much larger market share. There is a tutorial on setting up a Bing account here:

Tutorial: Using Bing to Promote WA

wehighly suggest that you do not overlook Bing and YSM as theyboth also offer very high quality, high converting traffic.

We rarely move into the smaller PPC networks (beyond the onesmentioned above) because the traffic is minimal, and click fraud iseminent. Avoid offers from other PPC search networks as they aretypically a scam and cannot produce anywhere near the traffic quality anetwork like Google or Yahoo brings in.

Before you get into the actual implementation and creation of yourPPC campaigns, you need to first understand what you are doing. It isimportant that you "learn" before you "do", so please check out thefollowing resource as it will give you an overview of PPC marketing.

PPC Getting Started Guide

This will teach the core of PPC marketing and will get you goingwith an understanding of what PPC is and how all the moving "pieces"within a PPC campaign connect with each. Obviously, within this PPCSuper Affiliate course we are going to expand upon this in great detailin relation to WA, but we suggest you take a moment and read thatresource now.

Getting Set-Up With Your Wealthy Affiliate Links

First things first! Before you do anything, you need to understand where to get your affiliate link and how it works.

Your WA affiliate link is automatically created for you uponsigning-up to WA. This is attached to your account so we know when youmake a sale. When you refer someone through any one of the affiliatelinks that we provide, your account will be credited with acommission. The commission will vary depending on the sale (yearly ormonthly), and we will explain this within the next section.

To get your affiliate links, links to specific pages within WA,links to promotional offers, and to create affiliate links withtracking, please visit the following page:


Or it can be found within the menu as outlined in the following screenshot:

This is going to be your home base for affiliate links. When wecome out with a promotion or launch a new website that you can earnaffiliate credit for, you can be sure that we will add it here.

OK, so now you have your links. That is the first step in yoursuccessful WA Super Affiliate ventures. The next step is to understandwhere to check your stats and to see if you have made any sales.

Or you can access it through the Affiliate Program menu:

This will take you into the WA affiliate control panel. This iswhere you can view your sales, run reports. Here is what it will looklike (includes a description):

As you can see within this account $166 is owed during the next payperiod, and the daily stats indicate that there is no sales and noclicks during the day this screenshot was taken. One of the mostcommon questions we get is from affiliates saying "where did my salesgo?" and this is because they are looking at their daily stats, nottheir total earnings. Look at your "Approved" earnings to see what youare owed for the month (this is payed on the 1st of every month).

The Wealthy Affiliate Incentive Program

Now for the good stuff...the earning potential you have as a WASuper Affiliate. Since we began Wealthy Affiliate, our affiliates havebeen one of our main focuses. We ourselves have been affiliates ofother companies since 2002 and we know the things that are important toaffiliates.

The first one being "profitability". Wealthy Affiliate offers amongthe most profit packed affiliate programs you will find anywhere.

If you refer someone and they sign-up for a yearly membership, youget a massive recurring commission of $175 (paid 2 months after sale tosafeguard against charge-backs and fraud). If you sign-up someone fora monthly membership, you get $20 recurring every month.

The average membership is 5 months, so each sale (regardless of thetype) is going to average out to well over $100. As a PPC affiliate,this allows you to invest more money into advertising to be profitableas it is not nearly as cutthroat as some other lower paying affiliateprograms.

Here are a couple stats you may want to know about:

  • 1 in 10 sales are big boy commissions ($175)
  • We offer lifetime cookies (you get credit for the sale up to a lifetime)
  • Youget resubscribe commissions meaning that if someone cancels and thensigns up again at a later date (happens quite often), you still get thecommission
  • Many members remain a part of WA indefinitely (how about a $750 commission!)
  • Many affiliates convert as low as 1:10 and are hugely profitable!

This really is one of the most profitable affiliate programs!

Many of you are probably already aware of our yearly Las VegasIncentive Program, where you get to meet us, along withthe other top performing WA Affiliates in a Super Conference! This issomething that you can definitely achieve, and every year as WA growsand becomes a more valuable resource, the incentive program goalsbecome even easier to achieve.

We want you there next year! Check out the following link for full details:


YOU ARE NOW ON YOUR WAY TO BECOMING A SUPER AFFILIATE! This is justlesson one of the PPC course, and we are going to be getting into somemuch more elaborate stuff, so by the end of the 5 lessons you will havetaken "action" and will be well on your way to PPC success with the WAAffiliate Program.

Note: Each lesson we are going to be giving you some tasks. Pleasemake sure your complete these task as it will lead to much greaterknowledge and lead to more success.

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So far so good -- I hope I'll be able to get help when I needed it ...
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Hey there,
I want to sign up to bing but i wonder.
maybe there is a "start up acount" coupon somewhere that WA affiliates can grab/
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