Using PageSpeed Insights

Now that you have arrived at PageSpeed Insights, let's do something with the functionality. Here on PageSpeed Insights we can essentially do a scan on Google's PageSpeed Insight system from within Wealthy Affiliate website for either your entire website or for each individual Page or Post.

Check On Individual Pages/Posts

Click on the 'Check' link next to each of the pages you would like to check.

It will be working on a result for a while (maybe up to a minute) and then display the result. In this case not the best of result I have to say.

You can check for multiple pages and it will stay the way it is scanned for until you click on 'refresh' one day in the near future to do another check. This could be a good idea to do after you have done alterations to your page/post to make the page faster.

You can also use the search on top of the list, to search a specific post/page to test (if you got many, this is definitely a good idea).

Here's a picture of another one of my sites' PageSpeed Insights. Bit better results there (bootcamp site).

Google PageSpeed Insights Checkup

Behind the Refresh/Check link is also a 'G' icon. Mousing over will reveal what it is about:

Clicking on it, will open that specific page/post in Google PageSpeed Insights in a new tab. See below:

There is also a button to do this for your main site:

This will then open your domain/ mainpage in Google PageSpeed Insights.

Next up: Tips For Improving Page Speed

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