Decisions, decisions.

After all this research, I'm sure your head is abuzz. But now is the time to make your commitment!

I'm not saying that this niche is going to be your "end-all-be-all". It's highly likely that you will change your niche, especially if you are a multi-talented person. There are hundreds of thousands of niches out there, there's no way just one could be the best one for you. You could have 20 best-for-you niches, who knows?

The thing is though, moving on is part of life. You can't just sit there forever, wondering if you chose the right niche.

If you think that the niche you have in mind is something you could talk for hours about, something you specialize in, something you like helping people with, or have a lot of experience doing and useful tips on, then DEFINITELY go for it.

Your niche is honestly a pretty good reflection of yourself, so be sure that what you are portraying is something you can back up.

As in, don't say you're an expert on natural health remedies if you mostly rely on prescription medication and only used honey and lemon that one time you had a cold an didn't want to go to the doctor.

You need to be an authoritative figure in your niche market. You want to be "the person" someone goes to when they need help or opinions.

If you feel that you can live up to your niche, I say GO FOR IT, BUDDY!

No one is going to believe in you until you believe in yourself. Have some confidence and state your niche with pride and authority! Say "My name is _______, and I am a _____ expert," or "If you are looking for ____, you've come to the right place".

You should make your audience feel that they can trust you and that will make them more likely to be repeat visitors, share your posts on social media, and even casually bring your site up to friends and relatives.

Also, don't be afraid to ask others in your niche for advice!! Especially here in Wealthy Affiliate!

My niches are: "how to be a work at home mom blogger" and "using essential oils and organic products for health". Those are still pretty broad niches, even though they are titled long. As you can tell, I probably switched my niche a few times, and had a hard time defining what my sites were really about.

If you're having this problem, please, by all means comment below or private message me and I'll be sure to help get you going in the right direction. I know this is a tough part of building your business online, but it's also one of the most important parts, so it's gotta be done.

Thanks everyone for the read, I hope you've learned something valuable!

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AEremichev Premium
Thank You so much. Really great content.
It really helps me to read time and again that a niche can be changed, and that is better to try something "one" thinks is THE niche to start.
bubbletokki Premium
I'm glad you enjoyed the tutorial!! Niches are a confusing topic around here so it's good to get as much info about them as possible
mapamizo60 Premium
Thanks. This is very helpful.
bubbletokki Premium
Thanks for your comment! Hope it helped!
bubbletokki Premium
Thank you so much!
pablocortina Premium
Great didactic. Thank you
bubbletokki Premium
Thanks so much, Pablo! I hope to only get better at this. :)
TPugin1 Premium
Thank you, Bubbletokki. This is very useful advice.
Trevor Pugin.
bubbletokki Premium
Thanks, Trevor!! Glad you liked it. I just started following you!