Now that you have your top niche ideas in mind, it's time to do a little research on them.

The easiest thing you can do to start researching is to use the Keyword Tool here at WA. It's located on the left hand side of the Wealthy Affiliate website, under the main colored tab.

It's just a white background menu with a few black links. Here's a picture to show you exactly where it's at:

Once you've clicked "Keyword Tool", you will be on a page where there doesn't look like there is much going on.

It may not look like much, but it's a very powerful way to see if you're choosing the right niche for you!

Let's do a few sample searches so I can show you what I'm talking about!

I'll be going with the niche I mentioned on the first page, "how to reduce blood pressure naturally".

All we have to do is type in our topic, and hit search. The Keyword Tool does all the hard work of gathering up millions of sites' keywords.

It shows that the exact search "how to reduce blood pressure naturally" has 2,353 monthly searches, with the top ranking website getting about 452 hits of traffic a month. the article power is high, and when I view the competition results, there are only 63 competing websites.

This is all good news, as you should look at a niche market that has at least 1,000 monthly searches, and less than 100 competing websites.

When you're here you can go ahead and make a list of content ideas. To see more similar keywords, just click the keywords under the "Keyword" column and it'll show you more results similar to that.

If you like the stats of that niche, then that should be an indicator that you continue with it it. You want something that will give you a lot to talk about.

Do a simple search on Google so you can look around at the sites that rank highest, see what they offer, what they don't, how they could be improved, and what the viewers comment on.

DO NOT COPY AND PASTE ANOTHER WRITER'S WORK. I should not have to say this, but I have seen a good many people try to plagiarize others' work online. It is just as illegal online as it is "in real life" so please, be smart!

Now, you probably have a pretty solid idea of what you want your niche to be. You may even have some content ideas lined up which will help you on Step 3!

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AEremichev Premium
Thank You so much. Really great content.
It really helps me to read time and again that a niche can be changed, and that is better to try something "one" thinks is THE niche to start.
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I'm glad you enjoyed the tutorial!! Niches are a confusing topic around here so it's good to get as much info about them as possible
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Thanks. This is very helpful.
bubbletokki Premium
Thanks for your comment! Hope it helped!
bubbletokki Premium
Thank you so much!
pablocortina Premium
Great didactic. Thank you
bubbletokki Premium
Thanks so much, Pablo! I hope to only get better at this. :)
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Thank you, Bubbletokki. This is very useful advice.
Trevor Pugin.
bubbletokki Premium
Thanks, Trevor!! Glad you liked it. I just started following you!