If you click on a link to view my training it lists the tutorials and videos in chronological order. As I've published a lot of training it can be hard to find what you're looking for.

So I’ve sorted my training into categories to make the most relevant lessons easier to find.

The categories are:

Using the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

  • Guided Tour (1 video)
  • Finding Stuff (3 videos)
  • Getting Help (2 videos)
  • The Wealthy Affiliate Platform (6 videos)
  • Wealthy Affiliate Site Email (2 videos)
  • Promoting Wealthy Affiliate (2 videos)


  • WordPress Dashboard (4 videos)
  • Blogging With WordPress (6 videos)
  • Widgets (1 tutorial 5 videos)
  • GDPR General Data Protection Regulation (3 videos, 1 tutorial)
  • Advanced WordPress (10 videos)
  • Custom CSS (4 videos)
  • WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg (8 videos)

Working With Images

  • Using Images (9 videos)
  • Making Images (3 videos)


  • Using YouTube Videos (6 videos)
  • For Video Creators (4 videos)

Verify Your Website

  • Verify With Google Search Console (4 videos)
  • Verify With Bing Webmaster (2 videos)
  • Sitemaps (3 videos)

Miscellaneous (other stuff)

  • Using Plugins (8 videos)
  • FTP: File Transfer Protocol (3 videos)
  • HTML: Hypertext Markup Language (2 videos)
  • Child Themes (2 videos)
  • Affiliate Marketing (1 video, 1 tutorial)
  • Computers (2 videos)
  • Adsense (3 videos)

As always I'm here to help you,

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Recent messages
TimBritt Premium
Hi Marion, I love your training and hope someday to be as advanced as you are so I too can help others.
My question is probably a easy one but when I created my pages and have my email inserted into them they don't show up as a link to, meaning in blue to click on. what am I doing wrong... I have looked everywhere for the answer and I think it something in my settings that I have overlooked. Thanks again, your are a great inspiration to all of us here at WA with your training help.
MarionBlack Premium
Including a clickable link to your email is not a good idea (in my opinion) as the bots are crawling the internet looking for the @ symbol so they can start sending you spam.

To make sure humans can find the email address I use marion[at]http://domainname.com If you check out the sites of major bloggers you'll see that they do the same.

If you choose to ignore my advice then the code you need is mailto:name@domainname.com
TimBritt Premium
I guess I am missing something or not explaining my issue very well. On my page after my text I added my email address tim@petaccessoriesfordogs.com , are you saying I should not add this, this way? my issue is that it is not clickable to go to. (meaning in blue) not sure if I am understanding or explaining it very well.
TimBritt Premium
I see that this comes up in a blue clickable but my does not on my page???
MarionBlack Premium
OK against my better judgement I'll explain how to do it. Highlight the email address and create a link in the usual way but instead of linking to a URL link to mailto:tim@petaccessoriesfordogs.com
PasekaK Premium
Thanks, Marion. Just so empowering. A test site will always be my default action before launching my site. Always thought of doing this but lacked the confidence and assurance that it can be done.
Thanks to you, I'm no longer looking back to verify whether I'm on the right track or not. No longer intimidated by doubts or forced to procrastinate. I'm committed to Just Do It. Thanks.
MarionBlack Premium
That is so inspiring Paseka. I love your attitude.
Hi, Marion ! I am unable to make my website with the landing page to promote WA. My English composition is so poor and there is no writing skill. There are some technical issues also where I stuck with word press also. Can you help me step by step to run my WA PROMOTIONAL website ?
MarionBlack Premium
Start with the basics Prakashchandra and take it one step at a time.
Jim-Bo Premium
Marion, I'm looking to transfer my 2 sites from traffic planet hosting to WA servers today. I have full backups of 1.3gb and 1.6gb zip files on my hard disk (used Mel's - onmyownterms plugin called backup buddy)

Mel suggested your training on that...but which one I'm not sure.

Can u help me out?

MarionBlack Premium
I haven't had any success in moving a site TO WA from other hosting services. There's no access to cPanel therefore no access to the databases. Ask Site Support to help.
Jim-Bo Premium
Already done so Marion.

they told me to use ftp filezilla to upload both backup zip files on to my WA hosted site.

gonna take a while tho, both files are 1.3gb and 1.6gb

HVella Premium
Hi Marion this is great info I have 2 sites and I would like to make it one. Should I open a 3rd site and copy everything into the 3rd site. Or can I merge two of them together. Either way if I copy everything across would I lose my comments? Would my site be considered a duplicate? Would it affect if I copy and paste?
MarionBlack Premium
Good questions Helen, but I don't know the answers. I've never combined two sites into one. If you want to give it a try I'd suggest using Tools > Export and Tools > Import (WordPress) to copy your posts, pages and comments but you'd have to upload all the media files manually.
HVella Premium
Yes I was going to do that but when it came to import the wordpress plug in to import did not get good reviews so I was sceptical to use it.