Why Use a Subdomain?

There are several beneficial advantages to using subdomains and I will mention a few of them here:

  • You do not have to pay for a new domain. A subdomain is creating on an already existing domain.
  • If using for promotion purposes, people are not scared away by changing domain names.

For example, my main domain is Project SWAG which has absolutely nothing to do with internet marketing and is a high quality service that I am offering to other educators.

But this is my business and in order to monetize my business, I really want to add a Wealthy Affiliate banner and promote WA. However, at the same time, I want my site to maintain a professional, clean look that does not include Wealthy Affiliate ads.

What I can do is create my own banner that simply says something along the lines of 'Find out how I was able to make Project SWAG a reality. You can make your dream come true, too!'

When they click that banner, they are taken to my subdomain that has my entire Wealthy Affiliate story / review.

If I would have taken them straight to my review site that had an entirely different domain name, it may seem suspicious and readers may just leave my sites entirely.

  • If there is too much information on your original site that it would slow things down if you added more content. I don't think any of us here have quite run into that problem yet, but this is potentially one of the reasons that is discussed in reference to using a subdomain.

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PLEAffiliate Premium
Thanks for the lesson. I've been trying to figure out the best way to do a Malay version of my niche site and while it is a lot of work to do my own translation Think the subdomain track is the way to go. The so-called translator plug-ins simply don't do the job effectively.
pianobenjjam Premium
You helped me. Thank you.
As an SEO, I've had it pounded into my brain for years that if you're trying to decide between subdomaintopic.site.com and site.com/subdomaintopic, go with the second option in most cases if SEO is a major concern. For my purposes, the topic I'm going for is different enough from my main domain that I think a subdomain will work out better for my needs. Thanks for explaining how to do it in WA.
sarazoldan Premium
You're very welcome!
Lesanne Premium
I really do love this community. There are answers to everything. I only have to think... what about........and there is usually an answer. Best value for money monthly subscription ever.... and I've spent a lot over the last 2 years. lol. Thank you Travel Hacker for an easy to understand answer.
sarazoldan Premium
You're so very welcome! Happy I could help :)
swhittington Premium
Love this post.. I have a product that is somewhat related to my site and I have written reviews.. Have been looking into landing pages , but I think this is a better way to go and then make the sub a landing page.. thanks for the wisdom.. will give it a try after the storm..if you have any other advice, I'd love to hear it.. Many Thanks! have bookmarked..!
TammyLM Premium
Hi swhittington, how did it go with using the subdomain as a landing page? I am researching doing the same thing for an ebook that I wrote.
mbani Premium
HI! great info. Can you help me with Skimlinks?

i already went over to namecheap (where i bought my domain name) to do this but they send me back to WA to set this up. I see how to set up a subdomain name here but it ends there --

these are their instructions. (thanks ahead)

You must setup your CNAME record before you enable this setting. Read the instructions below to guide you through the process.
Hide Instructions
Firstly, you need to add a CNAME record with your domain name server provider, this will often be your domain registrar rather than your hosting company, but they may both be the same company. Go to DNS settings or Name Server Records section of your admin panel, and add a new CNAME record with the following values:
Name / record:

We suggest 'go' or 'go.healthyemerald.com' (depending on your provider's setup)
Value / data of:

redirect.skimlinks.com. (note the final '.' this is required by most systems)
TTL of:

Alrehawi Premium
I think you need to make DNS server for WA in the Domain you bought
and then back to WA to make hosting and make Website .there is training by Kyle to do that :
mbani Premium
thank you for your comment.