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Are you an ambassador within the Wealthy Affiliate community? You can find out within the Wealthy Affiliate ranking page:

Ambassadorship is an internally ranking system within Wealthy Affiliate where members can see where they rank. The more your help, create, and the more active you are, the higher your rank will be within the community.

Within the following training I will walk you through Ambassadorship, how to check and understand your ranks within Wealthy Affiliate, and the benefits of being an ambassador. There are many benefits to being active and helpful within the community and there are going to be ongoing incentives as the Ambassador program continues to evolve.

If you have any questions about Ambassadorship, please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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D-AnnTaylor Premium
That was in an informational video concerning how ranking actually works as well as how to become a WA Ambassador.

Ranking is categorized into three groups, that is, Helper, Creator, and Activity. Each category you partake in will improve your ranking; althhough, overall ranking consists of combination of all three categories.

You can verify your ranking in three locations: the top of yourb WA home page, to the far right of the Search window, next to your profile picture; on your profile page; and within the Wealthy Affiliate Ranking page.

Additionally, you can view your activity for each ranking category within the WA ranking page, which shows you statistical data regarding your participation linked to each category.

Becoming a top WA Ambassador means striving for rankings of 12 and above, which comes with perks but we don't know what that entails. However, I am sure they are great. Aspiring to be ranked in the top 100 is great as well.

I think I'm going to set a goal to strive for ranking in the top 100 and perhaps it will lead me further to becoming a WA Ambassador! That would be awesome. We shall see.

Nice video Kyle.

N33 Premium
Thank you Kyle, you had a great vision and your creation is brilliant. I am so grateful to be part of this and I am determined to engage and offer my skills as soon as possible, but honestly I am in my baby shoes at the moment. So I will come back here as soon as I can be of any help (professionally I mean) and above all after having improved my English.
MEsmeriz Premium
This was another great video. I just wonder what are the benefits for the ambassadors? It was not really said. Anyone knows?
It doesn't really matter, actually, because I think the greater benefit is to being able to learn a lot and help others. I was just curious.
Thanks in advance for any answers given!
KevinPC13 Premium
Thank You Kyle for the straight forward explanation of this valuable Goal!!!

I have personally seen my rankings climb faster than I ever thought possible just doing the Level 1 and half of Level 2 - however, I have also seen my rankings just fall 10 places due to my inactivity while on a Family vacation!!!

I fully expected to keep the pace up while on vacation, but my laptop crashed and I actually got so mad I burned it on the beach in our campfire!!! Don't worry I disposed of the charred remains in accordance with our California Environmental Extremists wishes!!!

Might have been a good thing as I actually got some much needed sleep on the vacation whereas if my laptop was working I would have been working while the wife and kids slept - so as to not seem like I was ignoring them, but rather enjoying them on the vacation!!!

I now expect it to drop some more because two friends of mine are taking me Fly Fishing in the Trinity Alps Wilderness and there is zero internet service up there. So, another week off the radar starting Monday.....

But beware Top 100!!! I will be gunning to break into a double digit ranking when I return!!!

Thanks Again!!! GO WA!!!
MHulsizer Premium
This is totally a goal of mine! I feel an ambassador should always be their to lend a helping hand and not discourage the person who is asking the questions and definitely not make them feel as if they are a bother or will be a bother to you or others should they need further assistance in the future!!