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Added Jun 06, 2017
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SiteContent is the ultimate writing platform for content marketers, authors, and webmasters. This platform offers you an experience that is chocked full of features that will help you simplify your writing, improve accuracy, increase efficiency, set and meet goals and organize all of your writing activities in one central place.

Within this video I am going to walk you through the various aspects of the platform. These include:

  • How the Dashboard Works
  • How to Create Buckets for Organization
  • How to Search and Find Content
  • Creating New Articles
  • Using the Amazing Spelling & Grammar Checker
  • Setting Writing Goals
  • Tracking Your Writing Activity (and Stats)
  • How to Create a Manage Writing Templates

And here are just some of the features available within version 1.0.

  • 100's critical grammar and spelling checks
  • Duplicate content checker
  • Automated publishing directly to your website
  • Writing stats and goals
  • Content structure analysis
  • Ability to template content
  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions

As with all the platforms and technology here at WA, we are constantly improving it with each day that passes and we have some significant updates coming in version 2.0.

If you have any questions about the SiteContent, any of the features, or how to use it (or suggestions for improvement, please leave your comments below.

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Recent messages
JacobZwack Premium
I cannot view the video, but i have been curious what this is about and it has not yet been covered in the training.
Should I be using this over creating a page or post via dashboard?
Ill watch the video when I get a chance, but that may be a while.
DaleMaz Premium
Take it from me. You should never skip any steps. One leads to the other.
MozMary Premium Plus
here's an explanation of sitecontent that doesn't need a video, shows some of the differences and there's also a link to Carson's blog on it too the choice is still yours, whether to use this or the wp dashboard
BooBish Premium
Regarding creating links in content, in WP you would need to do an extra step in order to have a link open in a new window.

However, I didn't see "open in new window" option here demonstrated for Site Content. So I assume having a link open in new window is done automatically?
Triblu Premium
Hey Jean,

That's an interesting observation. If you've used SiteContent previous, you could check to see it the target="_blank" tag was added automatically ... or not.

It would be interesting to know this, and Thanks for asking the question.
BooBish Premium
Haven't used SiteContent yet. My question was simply a result of watching this tutorial. :-)

Going to try using it for the first time today.

I've set a goal in Site Content to write 2000 words by Thursday. (Particularly like how it helps us keep track and stay on track in regards to how much we write, as I've been struggling with discipline and consistency. I sense that this feature will seriously help me.)
Kyle Premium Plus
You definitely do have this option when you select the link in SiteContent. So this will be not be an issue and it is a feature that is offered to you in SiteContent. ;)
BooBish Premium
Okay, then I'll probably see it when I actually use Site Content. I just didn't see it during the video demonstration.
MozMary Premium Plus
yes, it is there and in one step whereas in wp it is two steps and easy to forget, you do still have a choice. If you want discipline take a look the September SiteContent Challenge, and set your publishing goals for the new week, once you set them you will be motivated to achieve them
jfabbonizio Premium
I haven't explained myself clearly. My site and domain are WA. I want to migrate my posts and pages to the site content area so that I can get credit for what I have already written. The site content platform wasn't available when I started the program. There must be a way to do this. Thanks for your help so far. Regards, Joe
Labman Premium Plus
Copy and paste the content into the site content platoform. Or, just use the site content creator going forward.
JooKwang Premium
I wrote my About Me post in SiteContent and published it. Later on, I wanted to make some edits and it led me to the editor in Wordpress.

My question is that after the edits are finalised and published via Wordpress, will they be automatically reflected in SiteContent? I asked because when I checked into SiteContent, the published post is still of the old version without the latest edits.
Belden Premium
It will be edited in WordPress editor but not on site content.
JooKwang Premium
Thanks Belden,
So any published post/page will not be updated on SiteContent, but only in Wordpress. Let me know if I get this right?
Belden Premium
Yes, you are correct.
debaffiliate Premium
Thanks, Kyle, excellent overview of a great feature that I was not aware of.
I like the idea of setting writing goals and tracking progress.
The more I learn about alll that is offered through WA, the more impressed I am and satisfied with my investment here.
Thanks foe all you do!