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SiteContent is the ultimate writing platform for content marketers, authors, and webmasters. This platform offers you an experience that is chocked full of features that will help you simplify your writing, improve accuracy, increase efficiency, set and meet goals and organize all of your writing activities in one central place.

Within this video I am going to walk you through the various aspects of the platform. These include:

  • How the Dashboard Works
  • How to Create Buckets for Organization
  • How to Search and Find Content
  • Creating New Articles
  • Using the Amazing Spelling & Grammar Checker
  • Setting Writing Goals
  • Tracking Your Writing Activity (and Stats)
  • How to Create a Manage Writing Templates

And here are just some of the features available within version 1.0.

  • 100's critical grammar and spelling checks
  • Duplicate content checker
  • Automated publishing directly to your website
  • Writing stats and goals
  • Content structure analysis
  • Ability to template content
  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions

As with all the platforms and technology here at WA, we are constantly improving it with each day that passes and we have some significant updates coming in version 2.0.

If you have any questions about the SiteContent, any of the features, or how to use it (or suggestions for improvement, please leave your comments below.

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TeamIceCream Premium
Kyle + Carson,

SiteContent is an AWESOME platform - thank you! Hubby swears by using it! ;-)

I have 2 suggestions please:

1. An UNDO last action function.

2. Different writing goals for different websites, including one for WA-profile posts.
That way Hubby and I can have separate goals, each for their own websites.
A global total over all the websites would also be nice too.

Thank you!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)
LWilson34 Premium
I have 4 saved templates. I can write but I'm not a writer and I'm not familiar with how to structure a blog post/article. For example I never would have known to use those 7 headings for a product review. Where can I find and save article/blog structures that I can populate with my content?
phoeby123 Premium
Look at blogs that you like and admire. This might give you some other ways to structure content.
LWilson34 Premium
Thanks Phoeby
HarveyBrown Premium
I have been using word to create my content then checking grammar with Grammarly. I recently tried the Site Content for the new website I am creating and found it very comprehensive. The only thing missing right now is how to add images, but I am sure that will be worked out shortly and explained.
TCUK Premium Plus
you can already add images my friend

when in SiteContent writing your content, look at the editing bar under your document title
H1 H2 H3... etc... keep looking right and you will see an IMAGE COLOURFUL button-icon just before the ABC button

you can access tons of free ready to use image, just search for what you need and see what it comes back with
or from same place you can upload your own images
HarveyBrown Premium
Hello Tiziano, I had totally forgotten about that button. When they first launched SiteContent, Kyle spoke about it. Thanks for waking me up.
LouisaB Premium
Excellent Overview of "The Complete Walkthrough Kyle About the template feature.
How to use a template more that just once? For instance, I have four reviews to write
and, I want to duplicate using that same review template. Now, would I need to create
another sample template for future use,or will this one be saved.

How do I save the original template after using it?
TCUK Premium Plus
If you open a template and start adding your own text... when you hit Save it will be saved in your My Content as a new file and the Original Template is not changed and remains in the Template area.

So you can load a template, use it with your text and Save your edited version which will be added to My Area as a new file,,, then,,, for your next article with the same template, simply load that original template again and start editing for your second article... save it (goes to My Area as a new file) , etc...

So you do not need to save the original template, it remains in there anyway.

When you open a template and do some editing, of course, you can save that edited file as a New Template if you want for later use
AlanJE Premium Plus
Hi Louisa I would normally save the original template as <new post>, and then use that for my new post, meaning that the original template remains blank, for later re-use. Otherwise I guess you could save the template after use, but would have to over-write the new content which you just wrote. Best Alan
SWagner2 Premium
My latest post in Site Content looks different than when I log in and edit it through the dashboard. The site content version looks like an older version, but when I published and got out site content it showed the newest, finished version and had a higher word count. Wonder why it's showing an old version now? Also, when I just go to the website to view it, it has the newer version. Anyone have any insight as to why this is happening?
DynamicDavid Premium
Do it again.

When looking at stuff, remember when it was last saved to the system. It is possible that in one view you were maybe looking at an earlier version of the article, but somehow expected it to show the latest version of the article. Maybe a refresh would have retrieved the latest version.
SWagner2 Premium
Hi David,

Okay, checking it again today it's still showing discrepancies. Going in through Site Manager it shows my post with latest version, 1043 words, all photos, all edits. Going in through Site Content it shows 853 words, no photos, no edits. It was published 21 hours ago.

The funny thing is that I did the original post through Site Content and published from there and it showed the latest version. But I noticed like an hour later that it was different, an older version. Shouldn't it show the latest version 21 hours later?

I checked the website from outside of WA and it looks as it should, with the latest version.

It makes me nervous to use Site Content though.
DynamicDavid Premium
If you did the last update using Site Content, then this is one for WA Site Support.
However a question, look for a difference between the two, some phrase in the "later" version, and look at that article in Site Content. It is possible that this phrase is there, and the "summary details are wrong", in which case WA support need to know so that that gets on a 'to do' list.

If you did the last update using the WordPress Editor, I do not think that it updates Site Content

I use Site Content to help me publish the original article, then once it is published over in WordPress, I do all my edits etc in WordPress after it is published. Everyone uses tools in different ways.
viyee Premium
Hi Susan, You ask for Site Support to help you. Sent you link and explain to them.
They are very good to help you out.
SWagner2 Premium
Thank you, Viyee.