Promoting Your Product

Once you have a product, you need to promote it to see if it converts. It is also a good idea to get it posted on an affiliate network right away so that other people can promote your product.

It is important that you offer generous commissions, as people are more likely to start promoting your product if you are being fair. You are much better off to have 100's of affiliates promoting your product making you 40% commission, than to promote the product yourself for 100%.

Here are some other locations that you can recruit affiliates:

Affiliates are always looking for new programs to promote and new industries in which they can enter. Internet marketing related forums are not only a great place to discuss topics related to Internet marketing, they are a place where merchants can let affiliates know about their affiliate program. We highly recommend not spamming forums, however you can offer value to a forum and include a link to your affiliate program in your signature. You could even ask for suggestions regarding your affiliate program.

Affiliate Program Sites
There are several sites that you can submit your affiliate program to receive additional exposure. Many affiliates search through these sites to find programs that they can new product to promote within new industries. Here are some sites that you may want to seek inclusion for:


Creating a blog about surrounding your affiliate program can also be add additional exposure and will allow you to not only promote your affiliate program, but can be used as a platform that your affiliates and potential customers can use to receive promotion information about your product.

Pay-Per-Click advertising can also be used to recruit affiliates. Many merchants use PPC channels to obtain new affiliates and it can be a highly effect way of finding quality affiliates. This allows you to be able to target the exact search terms that are specific to your affiliate program. For example, if you had an affiliate program within the "stress" niche, you would want to cover keywords like "stress affiliate" and "stress affiliate program" and then link them to your affiliate sign-up page.

Obtaining new affiliates is an essential component to having a successful product. Affiliates allow you to expand your reach into new audiences and advertising channels that you may not have thought of or would not have had the resources to reach. You should always treat your affiliates with respect as they are a driving force to your business. The better your treat them and the more support you offer your affiliates, the harder they will work for you.

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addgypsee83 Premium
Ok, so for example if my niche was goats, because that is what I'm passionate about, but I've published a children's book about them, only 1 so far, I shouldn't put the book on my website yet? I mean it's not like it's going to make me record sales yet until I learn how to promote it and have others to go with it. So should I wait to add it to my web site until I'm making money from my affiliate programs?
Niallaght Premium
Really interesting article, I really enjoyed it. I'm just curious however in relation to tour comment,"Product development should not be your first step to making money online" because I feel I may have a product or two already, but have never really thought much on Affiliate marketing till last week. So in your opinion, what do you think would be the quickest and easiest way to make a few quid online, as my personal circumstances have changed recently and I'm now trying to generate income from laptop as much as possible. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
BobWilson147 Premium
If you are selling your own product then another significant advantage of Clickbank is that they handle all of the sales tax for you regardless of the country the product is being sold into. The business model they use is that when a purchase is made it is CB that buys the product from you and then sells it directly to the original purchaser, so they act as an agent. This greatly simplifies the accounting process. From this perspective the commission they take is actually worthwhile. I do not know of any other affiliate site that currently works in this way.
thanks bob
Interesting fact. Thanks
Jennifer52 Premium
Hello! I'm just starting out and I may want to take this tutorial later. Does WA have something like "favorites" where I can save training and topics that I'm interested in for later viewing? I realize I can just save to my search engine favorites, but wondered if there is something internal for such purposes. Thanks!
LunaVC Premium
Hi, Jennifer! try this link hope it helps! Blessings!
Jennifer52 Premium
This is perfect! Thank you very much!
LunaVC Premium
My Pleasure!
Janessa-7074 Premium
My have a service I offer on my website. The pricing of 7 and 9 I find interesting and new. A nice refresher course and useful for those starting out over all. I will have to test the 7 and 9 thing at a later date but will give it a try starting out with.