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Most just don't get that email marketing has been around for decades and works. No one is thinking they need it, or they think they are not ready. But if you are promoting a product, even an affiliate product, yes, you need email!

The top online marketers who use this strategy exclusively earn 6 and 7 figure incomes. Why would anyone not want to learn the proper way to send emails out and take advantage of the vast number of opportunity seekers out there just waiting to get their next offer?

Did you know I make about $100 dollars per day now, just sending out emails in the morning. I target 18,000 buyers using 6 lists within just 2 Aweber accounts. Just signed up for a 3rd. I have a big family so I can get as many accounts as I have family members! ha.

I learned from Mike Dillard, Todd Brown Stuart Ross and a few others who teach how effective this strategy is on making money.

Sure it takes about one to two hours. Depending on what all I say and how long the content, or body is. But normally I'm done sending emails and scheduling them by 9:00 AM.

I'm then finished for the day and can go play! You should really be doing this as well.

I've got plenty of free information and ways to present yourself through this strategy. Just PM me if you are looking to get your product out to thousands, and I will give you my fundamentals I've learned.

Of course you can google search this stuff just as easy. See ya after 9:00.

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MarionBlack Premium
I like it Rick. Your prospects need to know, like and trust you before they will buy anything.
Ultimateless Premium
I shall remain nameless...oh no I can't, you can see my picture. Great points Rick!
marwil Premium
Great stuff Rick! Like the video - very down to earth
OgGrover Premium
A face the poet says
a face can launch a thousand ships.
O sweet Helen, make me immortal with a kiss…
For love of thee…
I will wound Achilles in the heel
And return to thee for a kiss
O yes indeed it’s all in a face.

Thanks Rick for the inspiration
Doreencamero Premium
This was right if they don't see your image they won't know you