If it is possible to get into the worst jams with anything, Daniel here, usually finds them.

A perpetually-lost WordPress Admin area password is no exception. This tutorial shows what I did to try to retrieve it.

This is sort of an introduction and a story line.

1. Okay, I will do follow the first step...

Automatic email retrieval...

If you know the email address you used when you created the website initially, this is where you will go to get the link from WordPress which will then take you to a form where you will reset your password. Follow the instructions and it's pretty straightway.

In my case, this was HostGator. Well, that's gone now and retrieving it this way won't work for me.

So now what?

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healthywendy Premium
Thank you for the detailed instructions Daniel. I will take extra care not to lose my password!!
Labman Premium Plus
Great Training, I hope you never need to use it. I use a program called Last Pass. It is free and stores all of your passwords in a protected file off of your computer. You do need to remember one password to get into the program but one is much better than hundreds and if you need to access your stuff from another computer, all of your passwords can be accessed from there.
If something ever happens to Last Pass and it malfunctions in some way what do you do about getting access to all your sites? It may be a great program but I have been leery of it.

I am leery of using clouds because this, in my mind means less control over what can happen. If I use them, I also have stuff in the conventional ways too. I was with the person I'm working with today and we discussed cloud storage (data.) If I used cloud storage, I would also use external hard drives and discs.
CromTheOne Premium
As a 'newbee' I am sure this will be very helpful. Thank you :-)
Very welcome. It's helped me get into back office of two WP sites with lost passwords.
reefswimmer Premium
Ah, the ol' ounce of prevention thing.

I do like telling Chrome to save my passwords, so if I have to I can use its retrieval list in the chrome menu . I realize there's a security problem inherent in doing this. (If I can access this menu, so can anyone who gets access to my computer. Far too easy.) So I am careful about what sites I let Chrome save passwords for.

Second, I do the send-myself-an-email trick for each user/password combo. I collect them in an oh-so-cleverly-named file. And I think I am so very clever when I just say in the email, follow algorithm. i hope my attempts at being sufficiently paranoid are never tested.

Thirdly, the algorithm itself. I never write it down anywhere, It's my own and I better never forget what it is. It does let me generate a password that is unique to each site. And i guess I could recreate it by looking at some of the passwords I have asked Chrome to save.

Fourth, when a site gives me an impossible-to-remember password, I go in and change it to my algorithm.

Last but not least, banking sites are an exception to all above rules.

And oh dear, just writing this makes me feel paranoid !
excaliba Premium
I had so many passwords to so many systems accumulated over the years that it was driving me nuts. The Mac / Chrome save password feature was my early saviour! And then I went and got myself an iPad and iPHone ... what was I do do? LOL

I ended up using 1Password - was able to beef -up my security by resetting my passwords to unimaginably complex ones - and synchronise them between devices. Oh, and still use Chrome as my backup!

Not suggesting mind you that any of you go down that path - I now have put my total faith in the app - so that is perhaps a risk in itself!
Tom Robarge Premium
Nice post. I will have to remember to save email to this lesson. so if I have to I can find the resource again
Thanks Tom. If it wasn't for the last option I would have kissed my site good-bye.