Linking your website content to your google+ page will help to boost your ranking and traffic to your site.

People overlook this all the time. But the reality is that Google+ is going to find your keywords and plant your post out in front for all to see.


But first you have to ensure that you are writing content with good search engine optimisation (SEO) which includes high traffic, low competition keywords. (Please refer to training on SEO and keywords if unsure - Type what you want to know into the 'NEED HELP bar at the top of the WA site).

It is only natural that Google search engine will highly regard good quality articles and website content that is posted on Google+. So make the most of it and use it.

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Ericabried Premium
Thanks for this useful training.
Gloriajk Premium
Hi Jim,
I use google plus with all my posts. I find it gets them indexed faster too.
jimisan Premium
Thanks for the tips about linking to Google to boast our article ranking...
Tim1953 Premium
Hi Jim
I do have a gmail account , so it should be straight forward.
As soon as I'm ready , I will do this , and let you know how it goes.
Cheers for now Tim.
Tchelow Premium
You usually make it in the first few pages if you're not using an incognito window, which means that google is curating these results just for you and anyone else.
I do recommend sharing it on G+, but keep in mind that it'll only appear so fast in the first page for you. For everyone else it depends on their search and browsing history.
JamesBB Premium
Yep good point to note. I have found it helps with your ranking as well. Ive tried posting some articles were not preforming and it seems to bring up their ranking. Using Google+ is often overlooked, so Ive put it out there. thanks for your comment.
Tchelow Premium
Yeah. It really helps with ranking. :) Good one!