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Keywords. This is a term that very few people truly understand and because of this I wanted to go into some detail and explain what a keyword is and why it is important to your business.

Basically, a keyword is simply any "term" or "phrase" that someone types into Google when looking for something. This is the start of all SEO campaigns, paid ad campaigns, and ultimately if you understand keywords and how to find them, you are going to be VERY successful online.

To follow through this training, you are going to need to access the Jaaxy platform, which can be found under the Research tab in the top header menu.

If you have any questions about any of the content within this video or need help coming up with keywords, do let me know and I will give you a hand.

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Jeannel Premium
Just a question as I'm new to this. I just want to know I am understanding this correctly.

Say for example I want people to find my site (not specific content just yet)

I would add the keyword i decide to use to my site description on the SEO plug-in?
LieneG Premium
You need to write post or create page and use keywords in the text and after put keywords after post (SEO plugin will ask for title, description and keywords (depending on what plugin you use).
kmer6 Premium
Yes, Jeannel, before you write any post or pages you must have a description of what your site is all about.

For example, if you wanted to be a referral site for WA, one choice of keywords for your site would be "work from home", or "making passive income".

Once you plug in your site's keyword, THIS becomes the 'niche' that your site is about. All other blog posts or pages will now elaborate more on this niche.

Good question, I hope this helps.
I have problems finding good keywords. After 11 searches I could not find anything with low competition AND good traffic. But I don't think that my niche is that bad. It is about sustainable gifts.

Is it possible that Jaaxy doesn't work that well with keywords that are not in English? As my mother tongue is German I will also write in German and therefore search for German keywords.

I really can't believe that there is so much competition altough nobody is interested in that topic? Do you think I should look for another niche? Or do you know another keyword tool I could use?

I thought Google has a tool like that aswell? Thanks for your help, I am a little desperate right now.
JackieSmith Premium
Hi Nives,
I see you are a new member to WA. Welcome!!

I had the same problem in that I couldn't find anything with low competition AND good traffic for my niche - I had to do a lot of thinking outside of the box - I don't think you should look for another niche if this is your passion - I kept with my niche and made a recent sale.

Maybe you could use Google Translate to translate your keywords from German to English, then plug the English equivalent into Jaaxy. Will that work for you?

Wishing you much success with your online business.
Thanks a lot! I tried the English equivalents now and found some suitable keywords. I just hope that the scores are comparable with the German market as I guess, it is not the exact same. SEO and Google are my greatest challenges right now because I am always ranked very badly, also with my personal food blog. I hope I will find the key soon! :)
JackieSmith Premium
You're welcome. Keep at it and you'll start to see results.
MEsmeriz Premium
okay, this was a great video, but I do have a question and it might seem really dumb, but I will ask anyhow. So, you find all these amazing keywords and then you choose some (also, how to chose from so many options? haha). What do you do with them? Do you write blog pages in your website with these exact keywords? Will this show up in google then?
ok, thanks ;)
chuw5 Premium
Yeah I think so, though you could get ranked in Google even if your content doesn't have the exact keyword but similar in meaning. Keyword stuffing in writing pages is actually not the best way to be recognized by Google since they rate for quality of content too.
kmer6 Premium
Good day to you Mariana, you asked a good question. Finding good keywords: 1. You enter keyword choices what you think other people would enter into the search box. Then the keyword tool displays the search volume, the amount of traffic searching with that term, and the number of competing websites for each keyword phrase. You must select the best keyword phrase from all the choices the keyword tool displayed.
Sounds difficult right? Actually, it is a numbers game.
2. What you are looking for is a keyword phrase that has a high number of searches but very little competition. Once you have selected the best choice, then yes, you write an article with the keyword phrase as your subject.
3. As you probably already know the search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo, find websites by matching the search term with the closest matching websites. If your website uses the exact search term as the title of an article that someone searched for, then your website article ranks as number 1, 2, etc in the SERPS (search engine results page).
I hope this is helpful to you.
YMungin Premium
Hi Ken,

Your post on Key Words was very instructive. I now have a better, clearer, understanding of what I need to accomplish with keyword searches. Thanks so much!
kmer6 Premium
You are very welcome Yvonne. Keywords are the foundation to acquiring more traffic.
daypackjim Premium
Reading these other posts and read a few that really made sense.
Use Google Instant First, then the Keyword tool on WA. Doing this seems to be a way of using your 30 Jaaxy searches more effectively. I wasted 3 before it started to click then came here to see others comments.
thanks to all for your input.
LNolan Premium
Thanks for the tip!
ubstyle Premium
Good information...but I think SEO can be more complicated as the Search Engine algorithms have frequent updates not to mention the time it will take to create valuable content. My question is wouldn't it be a better use of time to learn paid traffic strategies so you can have instant traffic instead of waiting for months to see if your sites will make it to page 1?