Now finally finishing this tutorial I must admit at times I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew. But I made it!

I had a little help from some friends whose tutorials and posts gave me a starting point and guidelines. Then I mucked around to put it in words and an order I could understand and follow when, in the future, I have forgotten how to do this.

So thanks to all and especially the following.

1.I found one good tutorial from someone who no longer appears to be a WA colleague. This was done in Nov 2011 so was a bit old but had a good basis to start with. This was by Denisara and the link is

2.Loes, one of our most helpful people, posted the tutorial, link

3.Boomer aka Robert, again a very helpful person posted within one of his learning & laughters; and

4.Bill808 who hasn’t posted many tutorials but his are really helpful

Following publishing of this tutorial I had a comment from Prestones saying he had just done a blog on this. So in addition to the above here is his link:

Now PhoenixFlame aka Angel has done another link training that promises to be very helpful and her link to it is:

I hope this tutorial helps those in need. If you have any problems just let me know and I will either fix or research it.

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Prestones Premium
Hi Helen -

I just did a similar blog at - amazing!

I'll go back and edit the blog to send folks this way!

One other note - I believe that since the "#anchor text" is part of a link, the name following the hashtag has to begin with a letter, followed by letters, digits, hyphens, or underscores - no spaces are allowed.

Perhaps you could verify my suspicion?

Great work!

HelenpDoyle Premium
Just added your blog link to this.
JSakanee Premium
Wow. Thanks, Helen.
This will be good for some of my long list posts.
Shawn Martin Premium
Nice work!
Back in 19901, I used to do that in Old School HTML. it works well in PHP too.
HelenpDoyle Premium
OK so if you are implying I'm a dinosaur you are right! If the old ways work why change unless you find something new and better. I am always agreeable to learning. So what is PHP?
Naww , not calling you names. You reminded me of my beginnings.

Just picking on you.

Remember ""????
PHP is one of the new web programming languages that Wordpress is written in.

Like JAVA, CSS....stuff like that.
If you peek into the text mode, you see what PHP looks like.

If you have taken a class in C, C++, or c#( C sharp), you will be familiar with the structure of PHP.

Honestly, I liked the old way, but since technology increased, it was developed as a scripting language best suited for to server-side web development.
HelenpDoyle Premium
Now Robert, I started programming with Fortran and that's really an old dinosaur. Then Pascal for engineering programming. Then I ran away and hid from coding until now. When I look at coding now it looks like hieroglyphics to me.
eeeeee... i did tooo. Fortran 77.
I saw pascal being tutored.

I used to be a computer tutor myself.
I did fortran 77 get this.. on the old Boroughs 1987, VB 6 in 1998.
I don't feel so bad now.
my first """computer""" was a TRASH 80.
Get it..... ??? TRSash80

nice to learn this new term.. Jump Linking.