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In this video I will show you how you can increase your twitter followers almost instantly using Tweet Jukebox (

Before using Tweet Jukebox I had 237 followers. I have now been using Tweet Jukebox for about 2 months and have almost 670 followers.

I also followed a few of the tips in Lynne's training:

But the biggest change I made was using Tweet Jukebox.

Tweet Jukebox is basically like a music Jukebox. You fill it with songs (in this case tweets) and then hit play! It is different from other social media scheduling apps because you don't have to keep going in and manually telling it what to tweet and when.

Every time I publish a new article, I log in to Tweet Jukebox and enter a tweet with the link to my new article. That way it will always be in my jukebox..

Here is a quick summer of the Tweet Jukebox Free Account:

  • 2 Jukeboxes
  • 300 combined tweets (I decided to only use one jukebox and have all 300 tweets in one)
  • Comes with a free quote jukebox. You do not have to use this. I made my own niche specific jukebox and deleted all of the quotes. I did paste a few of the free quotes into my new jukebox.
  • Add your own tweets: This is very simple to do (shown in video). I suggest you use a combination of quotes your audience would like, links to articles in your niche and links to articles you have published on your own site. You can add pics to your tweets as well.
  • 5 tweets a day: This is probably the only real drawback to the free account. You can only have it send out 5 tweets a day. If you want more than that you will need a paid account
  • You can schedule individual tweets (5 with free account): A great option for time sensitive info. For example if a product you are promoting is on sale for 2 weeks, you can schedule a tweet around that sale so that your followers will see that particular tweet several times over the two week period.
  • Set a schedule for each jukebox: You can set it up to tweet everyday. You can also set the time intervals (e.g. every two hours on Mondays, every 3 hours on Tuesdays, etc.)

I hope that this will help you increase your twitter following as instantly as it did for me!


P.S. - This is my first video. I hope it wasn't all over the place.

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2Al Premium
Tanja, thank you for the video. This is another resource for increasing followers.
TanjaRita Premium
You're welcome. I hope it helps you.
BillyGE Premium
Hi Tanja,

My tweeter account is not a month old yet, and I am still trying to figure out what to do with it. This helps a lot. Thanks.

TanjaRita Premium
You will be able to grow it pretty quickly if you create a free tweet jukebox account. Let me know if you need any help.
ricksr Premium
Hi Tanja,

You should be proud of you
did a great job on your first video and the content excellent!

Looking forward to your next one!

TanjaRita Premium
Thanks Rick! Glad you enjoyed it.
PIOFJR Premium
I haven't utilize my tweeter account yet, thanks for sharing.
Thomas2011 Premium Plus
I have used jukebox and it has driven more followers to my twitter page and it has been very helpful, makes life a little easier. I went from 440 to 865 in just two months. Thanks.
TanjaRita Premium
That's great Thomas! Looks like with Tweet Jukebox we can easily double our followers in 2 months. Mine have almost tripled!
Thomas2011 Premium Plus
it is effective, I haven't set up many tweets yet but after watching this video training I am working on it now.
Thank you very much for sharing :)