In this tutorial, I shared 5 ways you can leverage to create clickable posts and get tons of shares and likes.

Do you want to start writing better social media posts? You’re willing to improve in thoughtful engagement with your social media followers? You’ve come to the right page! Sit back and read down the page to find out how it works best on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others.

Here are 5 ways to start getting more shares and likes from your social media content:

Recognize Your Audience

You’ll be walked through the process of getting to know and understanding your target audience in two steps:

  1. Get to know your audience
  2. Find the specialty of your ideal audience

    Step1: Get to know your audience

    Recognizing your audience is getting to know who your specific audience is and what they like. It entails creating a persona that mirrors your audience.

    Recognizing your audience is the impulse of your content marketing tactic and should be seen as something different from getting to know your specific audience. Your target should be to grow your audience through your content marketing tactic.

    But, you can’t come up with great content if you have no idea who members of your ideal audience are or what they like. Desist from hitting in the shadowy and take the time to know those who are interested in your specialty.

    Step 2: Find the specialty of your ideal audience

    To better know your ideal audience, try leveraging the following tools:

    • BirdSong Analytics: BirdSong is a prominent way to scrutinize Facebook pages. It gives you a detailed anatomy of how your rival is rocking Facebook; making it possible to see the type of content that has sufficed for them. It keeps giving convoluted details as to the specific day and time in which they trigger rapports on their FB pages.
    • Google Analytics: This helps to obtain some intuitions about your target audience such as post preferences, statistical data, preferred channels for investment, and so on.
    • Fanpage Karma: This is the tool that helps to recognize the most engaged followers of your rivals. It is important to realize what you’re not in support of when coming up with content.

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    ecomtom Premium
    More great training. Thanks Israel. Tom
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    Thanks for the great training Israel, Alan.
    Israel17 Premium
    Hey Alan, thanks for leaving a thought! Kudos to you for taking the time to read this training piece! Yes, not all the posts people make on social media generate shares and likes. But if changes are made in regard to the social media best practices taught in this tutorial, everyone will start getting lots of shares and likes.

    Israel Olatunji
    Claudiojuan Premium
    Hello Israel as always a great tutorial with a lot of very valuable information. My weak point is social networks. I hope with your training to improve my work with them.
    Thank you!
    Israel17 Premium
    Much welcome, Claudio! Glad you found this tutorial valuable and practicable to move your business to the next level! Yes, several people have always mentioned socializing as their weak point and it's a great way to connect with influencers as well as build engagement with followers. Thanks for leaving a thought!

    Israel Olatunji
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    Good one, Israel. You listed some ideas I want to try, so will star your page for later use. Thanks.
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    You're most welcome, FKelso. Glad you found this training helpful and practicable, my friend! Try implementing social media best practices to improve your blog and boost rankings in no distant time! Wish you much success in your online endeavors!

    Israel Olatunji