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Another wonderful thing about these magical little words is that they not only do away with the need for back linking, (if done correctly) but they also bring in a lot of unexpected traffic. People will search with Google a unique phrase that might be similar to one of your LSI Keywords and be unlike any other domain out there, and so, the searcher will fall to you, by default at least, because you have LSI keywords that might be similar. In my opinion LSI Keywords make life so much easier, since I hate to back link, and they also increase traffic to your site and therefore revenue! How neat is that? I hope you enjoyed the training! If you have any questions throw it in the comments below, as someone else might have the same question as you! Thanks for reading my training, I hope it helped you, and I beg you to pardon my eternal run on sentences. If this helped you at all, or if you thought it was interesting then hit the like button, follow me and leave me a comment. I appreciate them. If there’s anything that needs more clarification, let me know and I’ll handle it if I can! Thanks!

Notice, a continuation of this training has been made, and you can link to it here.

Also, if you want to learn how to find a keyword by using Google, click this link

I love all of you Wealthy Affiliates,

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TrevorSH Premium
Hey guys, I appreciate the comments. Instead of replying to them all individually, I'm going to do a mass comment. Thank you Melissa Amy Golden and JP for your comments. as always, i appreciate them.
Amy, I've never written an article linking to a site so I wouldn't exactly know if that would work, but the principals of SEO are the same, I would assume.
Golden I do have some webpages for you guys to see as examples, but all of my sites are a little old and need a little love, so let me tweak them, and then I'll make a post for it. Keep an eye out!
JP I actually do social bookmarking yes, but it takes about 15 minutes and I don't have to do anything by hand, so I wouldn't consider that back linking. I've never done an article, but it sounds like a good way to do things, so if you could shed a little light on that for me i would appreciate it. I would be happy to post some More information on LSI Keywords, but what exactly did you mean by a case study? I'm more than happy to help, but I'm a little confused.
jpnetco Premium
I guess what I mean by a case study, would be an example of a post in which you were able to demonstrate the use of a target kw and LSI kw's and perhaps show some traffic results from the various kw's used. As for articles, I think most people here use Street Articles alot and link back to their websites from within their articles. Street Articles seem to index and rank rather quickly.
melissafitz Premium
I'm going to work on this today because I pretty much used my main kw's throughout my ws. Thanks for an easy to understand tutorial.
Amy Farr Premium
WOW! I am definately going to do this. Thank you so much! Great, easy, relevant training. It is exciting to know there are other ways to be found. This would work in articles that link to our sites as well, I assume?
Goldenlady Premium
Hi TrevsorSH,
Thanks for this information. Do you have a webpage you've created using LSI keywords that people can view?
jpnetco Premium
Very nice explanation of LSI Trevor and how to use them. Would you be able to do a case study as it were on a post you've made to one of your sites showing your target KW and the LSI kw you used to support it. Or create a mock post if you don't want to share any of your target kw's. Do you publish articles to article directories and do any social bookmarking? You say you don't do any back linking and was wondering if that included articles and social bookmarking. Thanks again for bringing this to light.