Updating your website in WordPress, manually or automatically, safely and without losing anything is something you can do yourself with this step-by-step guide.

Doing an activity on our own makes us feel proud and competent, and saves us money. For this reason, although we probably cannot design or program a website in WordPress, or save our project from a computer attack, when it is basically about updating the WordPress system of our website , we can do it ourselves, so Simple and risk-free, taking certain precautions and without having to have the services of a WordPress web design and development company .

Today I bring you the definitive guide so that you can update WordPress safely, manually or automatically, easily and without dying in the attempt.

Of course, if what you want is to update WordPress at zero risk , that is, totally without any risk, and in a totally safe way, the best thing will always be to have a service for maintaining, updating and improving WordPress pages.

Why update WordPress?

When talking about the use of content management systems, we always end up referring to WordPress, as it has become popular throughout the world. In fact, a large part of the web pages that exist today work under this content management system on the Internet.

WordPress is one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use content managers out there.

New versions of WordPress are coming out over time that imply an improvement in its operation, security or aesthetics.

WordPress creators become aware of errors that the application has, problems they have with the new tools that appear, or simply see details to improve in terms of performance or system security, and they are solving and improving all this in each new update they publish from WordPress.

There is nothing wrong with your current version of WordPress, that is not the problem, but each new version is better than the previous one and that means that you and your visitors are going to have a better experience when browsing your website.

Updates to the WordPress system mean a continuous improvement of its characteristics, which makes it more suitable and appreciated, both by the owners of the web pages and by the users (visitors).

Speaking of WordPress updates, we must understand that there are three blocks in which every update points, since they are the main elements of this system and are known as:

>>The system, the heart of WordPress itself. Also known as the core.

>>The theme, the design template.

>>The plugins, ie extensions that extend the functions of the website.

When we talk about the system (core), it is about updates of its general characteristics, that is, of the bases of the WordPress system.

WordPress publishes a new system update every time it deems it necessary and, usually it is due to a security problem, a technical compatibility error or due to the integration of an improvement in the system.

Many people are afraid of updating the WordPress website for the same reason that they are afraid of updating mobile applications.

Although, it is true that there are times when updates to the WordPress system have ended up affecting the operation of the website, it is also true that, many of these times, it is due to the other elements of the website, such as the plugins or the theme itself, were not updated properly, or programmed, and not due to the update of the WordPress system itself.

As for plugin updates, they can be more or less periodic, depending on the creator of each one. In general, the most popular plugins are updated quite frequently.

You must bear in mind that, if a theme is not updated periodically, it will not be compatible with the most current versions of WordPress and the most popular plugins. Remember that the WordPress theme is what makes your website face and, for example, it is important to accelerate the speed and loading of the WordPress website, a tremendously important aspect for web positioning in Google.

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emimos12 Premium
I love this wordpress training.Safety is the keyword. Thank you.
Keny44 Premium
Thanks for stopping by, Emimos. We can do a lot by ourselves in WordPress. I'm glad you found the training helpful.
Parameter Premium
Thank you keny,

I never saw the direct impact of update on d system, plug-ins and theme like you highlighted.

Thank you for such eye opener

Keny44 Premium
You're welcome, Ayodeji. Thanks for taking out time to read the training. Much appreciated.
Israel17 Premium
Appreciate this wonderful tutorial on updating WordPress, Keny! Glad you made it readable and consumable! Keep them coming.

Israel Olatunji
Keny44 Premium
Much appreciated, Israel. I'm glad you found it valuable. Thanks.
TWaugh1 Premium
Hi, keny thanks for bringing this to our attention, I am currently in this process and I am very overwhelmed with what is laid out to do... I am not very tech savvy...The Twenty Twenty theme is it different from generate press.
Keny44 Premium
Thanks for commenting. The Generate Press theme is actually different from Twenty Twenty theme.
The Twenty Twenty theme is the new WordPress default theme.