The second alternative method is a better approach but it will cost a bit to implement. Quite simply it is to create a website for the sole purpose of creating sales pages. For this method, you don't care about ranking or whether Google penalizes you or not. It is going to be used specifically to get people from the ad to your sales message. End of story.

Now, I did say this will cost you some money but it won't cost you too much. You'll have to purchase a domain name and host it somewhere. If you are a premium member at WA you have access to free hosting.

If you decide to go with this approach, you don't have to worry too much about having a centralized architecture for your website. As you recall from Kyle's training:

splattering affiliate links on every page could hurt your rankings in Google. Since we don't care about rankings for this particular site, you can add affiliate links on all of your pages. However, excessive use on a page could be detrimental to the goal of getting people to click through to your offer. You may not care about your SEO in this situation but you do need to care about your potential customer.

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philaccardo Premium
Interesting but I am confused, please explain: what is your final choice: Hidden lead pages or Leadpages? Could I use the Leadpages way with any other similar Squeeze Page creator.
Is there a training about that?
AlexEvans Premium
This is excellent stuff so helpfull. Well laid out and to the point had certainly clarifed some isues for me. Thankyou very much
georama Premium
Thanks for the info and educating us as well.
christopherM Premium
I've had my doubts about this as well. I'm fairly new to paid traffic, and landing pages and that cool stuff. In fact when I first started I couldn't see myself ever wanting to use them...that's all changed now.

I've tried running traffic to my blog posts, and even though I may not have the best CTA's, I can see this is not the best use of my PPC dollar. I'm not good at design, so I kinda wish a 1,000 word post had the highest conversion rate, but it doesn't. LOL