Setting Up Your Coaching Business

Are you a successful internet marketer who has got a whole lot of experience in blogging and will passionately teach and show other people the right way to financial freedom?

Are you an expert in SEO and other working strategies that can make newbie and veteran bloggers succeed?

Are you a passionate blogger who has become extremely-successful and would desire to help other people succeed by giving a valuable training offer?

Set up your online coaching offer that will build a lot of newbie and veteran bloggers and make them see the possibility to become financially-free working at the comfort of their homes.

Below is an outline to get started:

  • Find out what could be the major pain points for the people and work out strategies that will help them overcome those problems quickly.
  • Figure out which of those challenges could be resolved within a 15-30 minutes session or more.
  • Give your coaching offer a good brand and be straightforward to your audience.
  • Declare the materials that must be delivered to clients after every coaching session.

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MSnargrass Premium
Great idea!
Israel17 Premium
Thanks for reading my training tutorial friend! Much grateful!

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1signbanner Premium
Simplybook, I have learned something thanks to you.

Yes, mentor service great idea and great stuff, Israel17.
Israel17 Premium
I added more helpful tools to the training tutorial after your last visit. Kudos for reading, 1signbanner! Much grateful!
1signbanner Premium
I am more grateful my brother! Thank you!

frank =)
codevonish Premium
Thanks for sharing you have given me some ideas.
Israel17 Premium
I updated the training tutorial after your last visit and added more helpful tools. Thanks for reading, codevonish! Much appreciated!
RobinSxD Premium
Hi Israel!

I know how much time and dedication it takes to produce a training of this quality. Therefore I salute you on Your efforts.

Unfortunately, I must warn you, on the best of your behalfs:
As I started to take a look at Your training, I noticed how You used this place as someone would do on their own blog. Unfortunately, the content in here must be unique and therefore, once You publish it in here You may not do so anywhere else. This is stated in the "About blogging on WA", located at the bottom of the blogging editor.

Then shortly after I noticed how You highlighted some of the sentences to professionally embed Your promotional links.
Anywhere else, this would be just fine. But in here, this is seen as spam. And Spam is not taken lightly.

So please take action and consider modifying Your training.
For more information on what is considered to be Spam, carefully read the checklist in here:
Spam is a NO NO!
I think You did a great job here, but unfortunately, perhaps this is the wrong place to do it. :/

Just looking out for You, Israel.

Best of wishes,
Israel17 Premium
Thanks for your kind work here, RobinSxD! You have really helped and cautioned me against whatever might be a violation of the rules of this lovely community.

Please, help me take a look at what I have done so far one more time for me to be rest assured that I'm safe here. My intention here was to share what is helpful with other people, never to do anything against stated rules.

I can't thank you enough on this and I remain grateful to you.
Charlesplay Premium
Thanks for sharing. Particularly like the reference to the Simplybook tool!

Israel17 Premium
Thanks for reading my tutorial friend! Much appreciated!

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