On the 15 the anniversary of Gmail on 1st April, Gmail introduces a new feature in Gmail. "Schedule An Email in Gmail"

It's very useful because now you don't have to save the email as a draft and need to remember to send it later.

For a number of reasons you want to schedule your email:
Send birthday emails to your friends,
Maybe work anniversary mail to your colleague
A prospect in a different time zone

I found this feature very useful as many of my Reiki clients contact me through email before and after buying a course from my site.
So I exactly know what there query will be,
So instead of typing an email everytime, I received a query,
I can draft email and send it on a later time.

Most of the times, due to different time zones,
it is always better to schedule emails according to their time zone.

Let's see how to Schedule an email in Gmail:

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      ChrisShouse Premium
      Thank you for sharing this will be a great add on :)
      jivitajay Premium Plus
      Thanks Chris,

      Glad you found it useful:)

      laparra1 Premium
      Good afternoon Shubhaangi,

      Now that is what I call an interesting new add on. I do not know when I will need it but it is good to know it is available. Thank you for letting us know.

      Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
      jivitajay Premium Plus
      Thanks Taestke, for stopping by.
      Glad to share:)
      manna4star2 Premium
      Thank you.
      jivitajay Premium Plus
      Welcome Sonny:)
      Sytemsinc Premium
      Thank you!
      jivitajay Premium Plus
      Totally my pleasure Kim:)
      BorisRoman Premium
      Thanks so much for sharing!

      Wish you great success!

      jivitajay Premium Plus
      Thanks for your kind words Bob:)