When you have a tough decision to make it can often be tempting just to follow our 'gut' but this can often end in disaster.

It's much better if you can consider the options in a logical and objective way to arrive at a final choice.

That's where the Decision Matrix comes in. It enables you to lay out your choices and the factors involved and arrive at a conclusion in a simple but effective way. Decision Matrices are often used in business and engineering to reduce complex problems to a simple question of numbers.

In this tutorial I will explain to you the simple Decision Matrix and the slightly more complex Weighted Decision Matrix as tools to break a complex decision down to a simple matter of mathematics (don't panic - the math involved is really simple).

  • Simple Decision Matrix
    This method involves placing a score against common factors for each choice and adding them together to arrive at a total
  • Weighted Decision Matrix
    This method involves placing a score against common factors for each choice, then assigning a value to each factor according to its importance as a multiplier. This produces a more accurate outcome as the weight of each factor is considered

Both methods require you to follow the same initial steps.

  1. Identify the options that you are choosing between
  2. Identify the common factors that affect the decision
  3. Apply a value to each factor against each option
  4. For the weighted method, apply a value to each factor

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Henry-II Premium
Hello, Phil!
You have addressed an important topic here. And also offered a useful solution. Thank you very much!
Kettei Premium
I hope it's useful, Henry! :)
ChrisDE Premium
So great! Thank you!!! Glad you turned that blog post into a full training. Hope it gets the attention it deserves.

All the best,
Kettei Premium
Thanks for the suggestion, Chris.
Although I find such processes extremely useful, I didn't think other people would be as interested. :D
Happy2Learn Premium
Thanks for that. Great sharing.
Kettei Premium
You're welcome. :)
dragonfly10 Premium Plus
This blog made me realize just how unorganized I am. I son loved it. He already has it up on his whiteboard. He's fourteen and starting college. I will review this again. I do have some tough decisions to make in the next week. Thanks for all your time and effort in writing and sharing with us
Kettei Premium
I love that the training I created is helping people outside of WA too. I wish I'd known this stuff at college. I was not the most organised student. :)
MKearns Premium
Great insight displayed here Phil!
Kettei Premium
I've often found that using tried and tested business processes help me to overcome my own natural biases... although that could just be my background in software engineering. :)