In order for any of us to get a referral credit when sharing a Wealthy Affiliate link, that link needs to have our unique affiliate ID at the end of it. But do you know of the one and only time we do not need to use our affiliate ID and still get a referral credit?


Whenever you share content that you yourself created here at WA, you do not need your affiliate ID at the end of your link. That means that every WA blog, discussion and even training like this one, I can share anywhere without using my affiliate ID and if someone joins WA from that content I will still get the referral credit.

Kyle and Carson have it set up that every piece of content you create at WA can be shared without you using your affiliate ID. Now why is that a good thing? Mainly for preventing Google from lowering your rank for sharing too many affiliate links.

I could, and do, add two and three links to my WA blogs in my website content and Google does not recognize them as affiliate links because there are no affiliate ID numbers at the end of the links. Yet if someone were to join WA from those links I would get the referral credit because I was the author of that content.

Above is the link to my most recent Sunday blog with my affiliate ID at the end of the link. If this were not my blog it would look similar to the above. However because I am the creator (author) of this piece of WA content, the link I would share is seen below. Notice no affiliate ID at the end of the link.


It does not matter if you are promoting WA with a Boot Camp website or you are building a different niche website, ALL OF YOU can benefit from creating WA blogs, discussions and even training that showcases the benefits of WA. And if you create this content using low competition keywords like you do for your website content, you will get good Google rankings.

Remember, when a referral accepts the invitation to join and completes their profile with a picture and description, you get $1. The same holds true when they buy a domain here at WA, you get $1. When they become a Premium member you will get $8 for their first month and $23.50 for every month afterwards.

If you liked this training please click the green Like This button and share it with other members who could benefit from the knowledge. If sharing this on social media or using it in any of your websites, make sure to copy the link with your affiliate ID number at the end. Just click the "Affiliate" button just under the title.

If you would like to learn other ways to get referrals to WA without having a WA promotional website, read my other training at the link below.

How to Get More Direct Referrals to WA

How to Get People to Join Wealthy Affiliate

If you have any questions or comment please leave them below. Thank you!

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qoxter Premium
This is excellent advice. I am just on the 2nd Bootcamp course so I have only just touched on sharing WA content. I will definitely be bookmarking this : )
boomergp08 Premium
Thank you. And once you get further into the training about sharing content, then the information in this training tutorial should greatly enhance what you have learned in Boot Camp.
LinDash01 Premium
Thanks Rob for such great information.
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome, glad you liked it.
Carlton-Nbr1 Premium
Thanks for the training
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome.
rosieM Premium
That name 'boomer' is well a great way. Thank you for this refresher (for me, anyway); I sometimes lose sight of just how important blogging here can be.
boomergp08 Premium
Blogging here at WA is important and powerful if done correctly. Blogging just for the sake of writing something is not going to be effective at getting any referrals.

A non-member is not going to be reading a WA blog about inspiration or motivation or even my Sunday humor blogs and want to join WA.

But if the blog is touting the benefits of WA and/or providing information on ways to make money from home using the services at WA, than that would be a far better approach.
shelley8492 Premium
Thanks for the info. I wanted to do this by taking my WA blog article and posting a synopsis on my website linking back to my WA blog. Then I wanted to share my website article/link on social media, but I'm concerned that if they click on the link in social media and it takes them to my website and then my website doesn't have the full article and they have to click again to the WA blog so that I get credit for a referral that they're not going to click through. I didn't want to put just a link on social media to the WA blog and then they miss out on info I have on my website. I'm doing good to get one article written, let alone two and have just been trying to get more bang for my buck. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this without having to write two separate articles?
boomergp08 Premium
There is always going to be that chance that someone will not click through, but one is better than none in my opinion.

Depending on how you word your post and your blog, if you make your website post compelling enough that the reader would want to click the link to the WA blog, then perhaps that would increase the chance of a click through.

It all comes down to experimenting, especially when it comes to using social media for sharing.