PAGE 1 – How Many Ways to Get WA Referrals - UPDATED

PAGE 2 – Referral Entrance Point for WA Home Page

PAGE 3 – Referral Entrance Point for Default Create Account Modal - UPDATED

PAGE 4 – What a Non-Member of WA sees

PAGE 5 – Referral Entrance Point for Guest User Modal -UPDATED

When it comes to getting WA referrals it would be wise to know of the different ways to get people to join Wealthy Affiliate, so you can maximize your chances of landing an accepted invitation. Everyone will have a minimum of 6 ways to get people to sign up to WA.

If you have a website that promotes WA then you will have a minimum of 2 extra ways for getting referrals. In addition everyone has access to create a personalized custom WA Home Page and a custom Sign Up Page. So if you are like me, you will have a total of 10 ways to get people to join WA.



In the image below, the top 4 links everyone should have. They are…

  • 1.Your Main WA Home Page Affiliate Link
  • 2.Your Premium Sign Up Promo Affiliate Link ***
  • 3.Your Create an Account Affiliate Link ***
  • 4.Your Site Rubix Sign Up Affiliate Link

NOTE: The bottom 2 links are my Custom-Made Sign Up and WA Home Page Affiliate Links. *** Means that you must be in a private browsing mode like Google Incognito Mode to view these links as a non-WA member.


The other two ways everyone has access to are…

  • 5.Your Default Create Account Modal (see page 3) Is Now WA Website v2.1 Bottom
  • 6.Your Guest User Modal (see page 5) Is Now Guest Join Form V2


The first one is a comparison table you can make to compare Wealthy Affiliate with other somewhat similar work at home programs like Empower Network and the like. Then you also have a Site Rubix plugin where anyone can create their own Site Rubix website by typing in a domain name. Both of these plugins will lead to a WA signup page.

NEXT UP = WA Home Page and Entrance Point

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kmer6 Premium
WOW, you the man! I had no idea that we could create a "custom referral page" to WA. I just created mine, now I have to get busy and replace my old links. Thank you Robert!
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Ken! Though it is almost a tie between how many Premium signups I get between the Custom and the Regular WA home page, as far as initial referrals the Custom WA home page has like a 3 to 1 advantage.
HoJo007 Premium
Great information here, man. I think some of these things are overlooked and/or people don't realize just how awesome and valuable these tools can be.

Truthfully, I wish more private affiliate programs would adopt some of these strategies and put as much time into allowing their affiliates to create such great customized LP's and entrance points.

Not to mention, I can think of more than a few products I wish I could create a comparison table for as easily as you can do it with the plugin from here.

This is just another small example of why WA is so great. It's truly amazing because I have been insanely busy with my business and away from WA for a little bit. It never ceases to amaze me that nearly every time I come back or log into Jaaxy, there is a new great feature or tool. Always pouring in value and updating tools and resources for their members. It's just awesome to see and NOT something you see everywhere.

Thanks again for the great training, man!
boomergp08 Premium
I agree! There are so many things that WA offers to its members that many do not even know is here.

Not only do we get so much for such a low monthly membership, but if anyone would take a little effort to get 3 or more premium referrals, their WA membership would be free, with extra money left over.

Unlike other work at home offers and communities that just take and take as far as membership fees and upsells, WA is the opposite and gives and gives.
HoJo007 Premium
It's a great point. The funny thing is that I have achieved my success in a separate niche altogether. Meaning, I don't promote WA on my site, but it is literally the only resource that I recommend to others who reach out to me and ask how they can get started doing something similar to me and what they need to do.

I was in and out of the IM world for a while. Mainly because I got caught up in "shiny object syndrome." Basically, I tell those just looking to get started to avoid a massive amount of headache and money and just start here. It is the ONLY program I found in all of that time that actually provided me with all of the tools, resources, and education that I needed to build a REAL online business.

As more and more of my main niche site is becoming automated and I am focusing more time and effort on client's that I build and market websites for, as I have expanded my business, I can't wait until I can start promoting WA.

I am glad I didn't rush or try to build 10 affiliate sites at once, but as more time frees up and I can also share more real experience and success with others, I am going to take a dip into that niche and finally get the opportunity to test out some of the great marketing tools that are provided here. I am already a huge fan of the passive income that I can generate through my own affiliate site, but to have passive income inside of a passive income business model....yes, please! LOL!

Never thought I would be so "rah, rah" about any program, online. This is the one and only that I don't really care if people think I am just "hyping" or "sucking up" because when you FINALLY break free from the struggle and can point back to a single resource that played an integral role in changing want to scream it from the rooftops. WA! WORD!
boomergp08 Premium
I only started promoting WA after my first 2 websites in other niches. I didn't and still don't see the point in promoting WA until you know how it really can benefit you.

But the beauty about the affiliate links that WA gives all of us is so we can passively promote WA without having a WA promotional WA. Just share our links.
fyre Premium
Thanks boomer, bookmarked!
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Jennifer!
blanza Premium
How do you get to each of those pages? How did you customize yours? If you have your own domain why would you use your Site Rubix site ?
Ken-Pringle Premium
This sounds like another training.
Robert, enjoy my friend.
boomergp08 Premium
You can access them all on your WA Affiliate Program page and then click the Links & Tracking tab at the top of the screen.

To customize your WA Home Page, on the Links & Tracking screen, click the blue button that says "Create a Custom Link."

The Site Rubix link is not to a Site Rubix website. The link is to a Site Rubix Join Screen so people can join WA.
boomergp08 Premium
vic62 Premium
Great - simple and straightforward. Saved for future reference.
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Victoria. Happy you liked it.