Find Indexing Errors and Get Them Fixed

Note the following terms and their meanings:

Submitted website URL appears to be a soft 404: This simply implies that the web page was not found, but gave a wrong status code in the header.

Submitted website URL not found "404": This means that the page was not found and that the accurate HTTP status code 404 was returned by the server.

Redirect error: It means there's a 301/302 redirect for a certain page.

Server errors: This means that Googlebot is prevented from accessing the server. By the time Googlebot dropped by, it could have been completely down, timed out or crashed.

Submitted Website URL has crawling errors: This might show hundreds of different issues. Always find crawl issues by visiting the exact page.

And you'll get a number of pages having those issues when you click on an issue or error status.

One of the errors that could be easily fixed is error 404.

Now, you're going to click on a website URL, and a side panel with four options will show up.

If we visit one of the page URLs using a web browser, we'll find that it's completely down.

In the side panel, choose the "Fetch As Google" option.

Now, click on the "Fetch" button.

You'll be surprised how Googlebot will frequently visit your page.

Though the page may still get a "Not found" 404 error sometimes, Google may de-index it. And you may never need to get baffled by that result. The page might have been disabled for a particular purpose.

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Makinitwork Premium
Hi Israel, I have 708 URL errors left from a deleted online shop. Can I remove them via the Removal option on Google Search Console? Site support hasn't said they can't help as such but are sending me options that are not working or out of date. Can I do a redirect? Jen
terri2018 Premium
Hi Israel, This is very helpful, thank you!

I followed the steps in your training, but I'm not sure what I need to do with this part.

Googlebot couldn't get all resources for this page. Here's a list:




Do you think this has something to do with my Twitter icon?

Thanks again.
Fleeky Premium Plus
Israel17 Premium
Thanks for getting back, Fleeky! Much grateful! This training is meant for integrating your SEO with the Google search and I believe you'd find it so useful to your business. Thanks for stopping by! Wish you success in your online endeavors!

Israel Olatunji
Fleeky Premium Plus
Yes , important to know and practice
Genelda Premium
Great training here and just what I need. I'll be doing the fix asap! Thank you again, Israel!
Israel17 Premium
Thanks for reading the tutorial friend! Much grateful!
Genelda Premium
You're most welcome!
Genelda Premium
I have resubmitted AGAIN. Darn errors. It finally let me hit the "request index". I hope it comes back okay this time!
Israel17 Premium
Yes, you are making progress with it now. Please keep it up friend.