7. Diagnose Entire Plugins

All plugins have proven to be pieces of code that help perform functions. Sometimes they are unimaginably productive. So with the Profiler plugin, you can check your entire site to know which plugin is taking lots of memory and slowing up your site.

8. Disable Pingbacks and Trackbacks

Trackbacks and pingbacks will let you know that someone else has taken a link of your post on another blog or site.

Trackbacks and pingbacks are respectively manual and automatic, they both end up in your comment moderation. But one thing you must understand is a great percentage of all trackbacks and pingbacks are spam. And if you are getting too much of it, your site speed can potentially be affected. So it’s great you put this into consideration.

9. Delete Unused Plugins and Themes

Let’s say you get carried away and installed all the plugins at your disposal.

And now you think that you can deactivate the plugins and speed up your website, you should know that wouldn’t solve the problem.

The available solution to this case is to delete all plugins, not in use and themes from the WordPress site. Deleting these unused plugins will reduce the size of the wp-content folder, and in return improve access time to this folder.

With all been said, Increasing a website speed time should not be much of a big deal if the following optimization tips are properly followed.

I wish you all the best.

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PMindra Premium
Hi, Seun.

Can you elaborate a little further on "the size of the WP Content folder?'

Thanking you in advance.

SeunJeremiah Premium
Hey Paul, You will notice that WordPress site has two main parts, database and content. To manually migrate a site you will need to acquire both pieces from your current host and It protects any content provided by users that is not properly saved in the database. Thanks for stopping by.
PMindra Premium
You are welcome.
Database & Content.

I will look it up.

Thanks for the helpful reply.

Mick18 Premium
Great tutorial. Very important info. Thanks for sharing.
SeunJeremiah Premium
Thank you so much mick for your kind words I'm glad you appreciate this tutorial.
Triblu Premium
Hey Seun,

Great tutorial, Thank YOU!

Another advantage for using WA hosting is that their servers provide all websites with caching so that we do NOT need a cache plugin.

Same goes for security... the WA servers provide excellent security so that yet another plugin (like WordFence Security) is not needed... yeaaah!
SeunJeremiah Premium
Yes I totally agree with you on WA hosting advantages not needing a cache plugin , I do make use of it myself and it's absolutely on point. And I'm happy you like this amazing community as well.

timstime20 Premium
This another Diamond fora newbie like me .. thank you so much
SeunJeremiah Premium
Thanks alot Tim please do make sure you improve your website speed for a better performance. Much welcome
Paul2012 Premium
Page speed is very important, and most site or bloggers don't take it serious. Thanks for sharing this.
SeunJeremiah Premium
Thumbs up Thumpsy, I'm glad you know the importance of site speed and I trust you will definitely use this tutorial one way or another. Thanks for reading.