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That's it... the title says it all.

I read an article today about how an ongoing attack has been detected that uses (and takes control of) a very large number of computers from all across the net, that use Wordpress, to attack major sites.

They are exploiting security vulnerabilities to access and control thousands of WordPress sites so that they can orchestrate DDoS [distributed denial-of-service] attacks on popular websites and create havoc for the site operators.

You can read the full story here:

In the article the author makes reference to a WordPress plugin that I use to secure my WP sites so I thought I would create a quick tutorial for you.

In this video I show how to install a free plugin called Better Wordpress Security so that you can make your WordPress site more secure. Click here to view the plugin page in the WordPress plugin directory. [As per Waltman17 :-) - Now ITHEMES SECURITY]

I show you how to do just the basics in the video but you should continue on with the other suggestions and make your site as secure as possible.

I mention a backup tool that I use. It is called Backup-Creator by Robert Plank. You can Google it if you're interested.

Please don't just follow the tutorial blindly - Be sure to read each option and action before you click the button and make sure that you understand what it is that you are doing.

Above all, always keep a current backup of your website and remember that you should test your backups and make sure they are working. I test mine by restoring to a demo site that I have for development projects only.

I hope this helps you.

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Adi2008 Premium
Thanks for this Kevin. I just noticed you joined WA a few days before me back in 2008! Where have you been hiding? :-)
KevinBarham Premium
LOL - Life got in the way Adrian. I'm going to try to stay active this time!
Kewl Web Premium
Thank-you Kevin. This is really useful information. Cheers.
KevinBarham Premium
Thanks Devan - I'm delighted it helped.
MarieC Premium
Kevin, this tutorial was great! I've just finished setting up the Better WP Security plugin on my site -- it was a piece of cake :o) I also created a demo site on which I can test the accuracy of my backups (I'm using the Online Backup for WP from Backup Technology). Thank you so much for facilitating my learning as I continue to build upon my IM skills and strategies.

KevinBarham Premium
Thanks for your feedback Marie - I'm really glad it helped.
PedroSousa Premium
Thank you for this awesome tutorial!! already have my site secured! You should do more tutorials, you speak very well, straight to the point! Thats a very dynamic presentation that someone can follow and install the plugin and configure it following the video. Congratulations, thanks again and keep up that super work!!
KevinBarham Premium
Thanks for your kind words Pedro - I will do more.
philvandermeer Premium
Thanks for the tiny little sentence at the end of your article. The one that says "I test mine by restoring to a demo site that I have for development projects only. You essentially reminded me of a site that I have not developed that I can use for restoration testing. Having a site like that can answer the question of whether or not your backup works. I have puzzled over whether or not my backups are any good, but now I can go see. Thanks!
KevinBarham Premium
Excellent - I'm glad it helped.