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Hi! my name is Pedro and I am from Portugal. :)

I came into the WA Community to learn how to do IM and all the techniques to become a Wealthy Affiliate! :D

I´ve been trying Bum Marketing for some time and I already made my FIRST SALE with the help of WA on February 2010!!! I already made a few more sales and I received my first 4 Clickbank Checks in the year 2010.

I've been away for some time because I work in Angola since June 2010, where the Internet connection is pretty lame... Despite my dayjob pays a very good wage and things in Portugal are an economic wreck, I soon got to realize (again) the enourmous advantage there is in a passive income. So, once again, I decided to come to WA to make my online income go up, since it already made me a few bucks absolutely on autopilot for a year or so cause I didn't have much time or disposition to keep working online... The internet in here definitely doesn't help!!

Since August 2012 I decided to put some more effort on article marketing and I managed to make a bit more money, and I already passed the 500$ per month milestone (on autopilot)!!! Of course my goal is to make enough money to get the hell outta here and fire my bosshole!

So, if I could do it when I wasn't almost working at all in my campaigns, I wonder how much will I be able to do it with WA help?? There's no limit, not even the sky!!

I am always ready to help anyone, however I can, so don't hesitate to drop me a PM.

Thanks for visiting! ;)
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Winners Circle Premium
Congrats on your first sale, Im new but this looks exciting, many blessings to you
PedroSousa Premium
Thank you and bless you too girl! ;)
idm Premium
Hey Pedro, thanks for the add! Congrats on the first sale!
flomaje Premium
Thanks Pedro for being my buddy. I have been here for a week and so now and I am still overwhelmed. I've decided to try PPC marketing and I am yet to see how it goes. Pls tell me more about Bum Marketing .
Till then,
JMcGee Premium
Hi, thanks for the buddy add Pedro. I'm James.
PedroSousa Premium
Hi James, glad to have you here! ;)
darrink Premium
That is awesome thanks for the buddy request.