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The creation of engaging YouTube video Thumbnails is essential for an increase in your YouTube video views. In this training I have created here for you, I show you exactly how to go about this process.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below the training video. Also, if you are using other software or have a different way of creating your YouTube video thumbnails, please share with us your practise in the comments section. It will surely be very beneficial to the WA community.

Ps. If you would like to join more discussions on YouTube specifically or simply looking for feedback on your YouTube videos, then you are welcome to head over to the link below where all the YouTube creators hang out on WA.

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Mick18 Premium
Thanks for the training, I've bookmarked.
Have a wonderful weekend,
szeeman Premium
You are most welcome, Mick! Thanks for bookmarking. I wish you a wonderful weekend too!
timstime20 Premium
szeeman Premium
You are most welcome, Tim! Hope you found it useful and looking forward to see your YouTube thumbnail creations.
Triblu Premium
Hey Schalk,

Thanks for this training. I know how important YouTube video thumbnails are but I have never taken the time to create them. My bad.

When I do start creating thumbnails, I would use Adobe's Photoshop to create mine.
szeeman Premium
You are most welcome! I am looking forward to see your video thumbnail creations. Yet another vote for Adobe's Photoshop :)
Jewelia Premium
What a great tutorial and excellent teamwork - you and Kaju: one is telling people that the custom thumbnails are essential and why, and another one posts a tutorial on how to make them!
Thank you!
I use Photoshop, and now I am thinking that even Snagit, which I use for video recording, has the ability to create custom images with text - so, it'll work as well. Those two are not free software though. Snagit is inexpensive and I know that Kyle mentioned it in his lesson on videos.
szeeman Premium
Haha, now that you mention it. I never even thought about the fact that Kaju just did a post about YouTube video thumbnails and the importance of it. So it does compliment each other quite well.

Photoshop is an interesting one. Sure you can create awesome things in there. And thanks for reminding me about Snagit as I actually have Snagit but not really explored its power as yet. Good suggestions! Many thanks!
TELEX2019 Premium
Nice. I spent time this week creating these for my YT videos.
szeeman Premium
Great! I would like to see what you have created. Of course you cannot really share it if it is promotional due to policies. However, if you would like to you are welcome to share it here on the YouTube give and take comments thread. Or if there is no promotional link or anything on the thumbnail I am perfectly sure you can attach it here, only if you want to of course, as long as there is no promotional text or url's on it.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the video.

Do you use any other methods or software for the creation of your YouTube video thumbnails?