In a website, a Parent page is the main page that presents itself on top of the hierarchy while other pages come under it. The sub page that comes under the parent page can be called a child page.

Do you really need parent pages on your website?

Having a parent page on top and a child pages under it allows you to arrange your pages in hierarchical manner or in folder form. For example lets say you have a Parent page named Lessons, the child pages can be: Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3 etc.

A Child page can also be a parent page to another child page that means in your hierarchy you will have Parent page=>Child page==>Child page. So, in our example of parent page of Lessons the hierarchy on the navigation menu can be like this:

Lessons=>Lesson 1==>Introduction

Note: NOT all THEMES supports hierarchies on the navigation menu. Some will. some will not, so you will need to check if your theme will be able to support what you want to do before you invest a lot of time on it.

The hierarchy helps to arrange your website in a easy manner. It enables the publisher group together the pages that talk about the same aspect. Also it gives room for continuity and readability of the website. In other words the, author can use this tool to arrange his/her work in folders such that the reader will find it easy to access SPECIFIC information any time.


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theresroth Premium
This training was very needed, thank you so much!
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Wow! Nice to hear that Theresa. Thanks
Karax Premium
That was very well explained. Thank you for the thorough and informative description.
I use categories instead of pages and I include them in my Main Menu.
When I create a new post for the specific category, I include the post in the Main Menu and I drag it under the category.
I've been busting my head trying to figure out how to include Keywords in the post titles and at the same time I didn't want them to appear in the navigation menu. Now I know.
Once again kudos for the excellent presentation.
PMbaluka Premium
Thanks for that comment. I would like to know how to categorize posts because both of them don't mix
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Very awesome lesson Paul. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you Eric. Nice to see your comment
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Nice one and a good start
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Thanks Paul! I'm glad you are here.
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Very good lesson Paul. Thank you for sharing.
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Thanks Jerome I'm so glad you found time for my training