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Have you wondered how to add spacing between bullet points and numbered lists in your WordPress??

I have and I've finally found the answers on how to do this and of course the method on adding a space between bullet points is different than adding a space between numbered lists. In this video, I will walk you through how to do both! :)


It appears since the WP update a few days ago, the way I showed you for the bullet points doesn't work anymore.

However, you can still use the method below for numbered lists, also for bullet points.

So in the beginning of each bullet point, except the last bullet point, you should add:

style="padding-bottom: 18px;" in the beginning bullet tag <li>

The whole code at the beginning of each bullet point will be:
<li style="padding-bottom: 18px;">

Also, the 18px can be adjusted to how big or small you want the spacing to be.

Hope this helps, if you have more problems, please leave me a comment below. Thanks!

UPDATE Jan 31/17:

If you have encountered a problem with the numbered list tag <p /> referenced in the video, you can use an alternative code instead at the beginning <li> tag of each numbered item you want the spacing to be below it.

Insert this style="padding-bottom: 18px;" code into the <li> tag at thebeginning of a numbered item so the complete code look like <li style="padding-bottom: 18px;">. The 18px, you can edit this to make the spacing how big or small you'd like between the numbered items.

Copy and paste this code into each numbered list item except the last item.

If you like each item to be justified, you can use this instead:

<li style="padding-bottom: 18px; text-align: justify;" rel="padding-bottom: 18px; text-align: justify;">

Hope this alternative code will work better for you! Please let me know if you have any problems. :)

Have you ever tried to add spacing between paragraphs or sections and it doesn't work??

There's a reason why the spacing doesn't apply sometimes and, in the video, I tell you why. :)

If this was helpful to you, please LIKE this training below! :) If you have other questions about spacing, please ask me in the comments below.

Thank you so much for watching it!

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docub Premium
I found that using basic coding is the easiest way to get your headlines and spacing correct. Basic coding skills are not real difficult if you just take the time to learn a few things you'll be able to help do exactly what you're trying to do here.

If you want a quick tutorial in a link on where to find this CSS tutorial it's right below pretty easy to check it out. Brian
docub Premium
BTW, thanks for the tutorial. I struggled with issues like this for the longest time. Glad you created this training to help others.
littlemama Premium Plus
Thanks Brian for the reference, I will check it out! I don't mind coding I've down it since '96 (simple sites), but haven't learned more in the last few years so that article will be great.

This tutorial I shared will help lots who aren't familiar with coding though and "easy" relatively for beginners. :)
docub Premium

Thanks for getting back. It's great that you addressed these topics for beginners, cuz that's when we ALL needed it the MOST!

I just wanted to add options for folks to think about and explore on their own for those at that stage and interested. I wish I had found that Coding resource earlier, instead of finding it by accident! LOL.

Being able to do simple CSS and HTML has opened up many avenues with themes for me. As long as there is stylesheet I go in and change things to what I want, even if those options aren't built into the theme itself by the authors. 'WP edit' allows me to change things.

A word of caution for the readers. BEFORE making ANY changes (I learned the hard way) to take a screenshot of EACH section of the current existing section of the stylesheet you're working on FIRST, as you page down to change items you want to customize..

That way one can return to existing if you make mistakes or you don't like your modifications.
JeffBoivin Premium
Thanks Grace

It is a great solution to a problem that I had. Much appreciate.

Cheers, Jeff
littlemama Premium Plus
You're welcome Jeff, thanks for checking out my video! :)
tudogz Premium
Thank you a million times!!!!!
This has been driving me mad since I started. The only way I've been able to insert white space between paragraphs has been to place a period on a line of its own and reduce the font size to 1 or 2 so it can't be seen. Sort of a "brute force" solution.
Now I'll be revisiting all my pages to apply this fix.
Thanks once more.
PS. I also have trouble getting the headlines to work, and my font size often changes when I preview. Any suggestions with that?
You're a goldmine of info, aren't you? :-)
littlemama Premium Plus
You're so welcome Thomas! Goldmine of info? Not so sure, Lol. I'm glad this video can help you!

I've haven't had problems with headlines or font sizes. If you can give me more details in a PM (with screenshots if possible), I can try and see if I can solve the problem for you. :)
joekeriii Premium
I struggled with this as well. This is very helpful.
littlemama Premium Plus
Thank you for checking out my video! Glad it can help you. :)
Debs3 Premium
Thank you, Grace!
littlemama Premium Plus
You're welcome Deb! :)