If you decided that you don't want to put your store on your website, but you want to put a widget on it instead, here is how you do it. On your amazon associates page, click on widgets. On this page you can choose which widget you want to use.

Once you are done choosing your widget, you are going to click on add to your web page. Please note that which ever widget you choose, it's going to be different from others. I chose the recommended product links just to show you what one looks like.

With this widget, you have two choices. Either select a product line through the drop down box or enter key words, or you can select a subcategory. This is how you would add products to your widgets. Once you are done, click on continue. Once you are done, a page is going to pop up with your html code that you will copy and paste.

Before you go and put those codes on your website, you need to install a plugin first on your website. The name of the widget is Amazon Widgets Short code.

What is going to do, is add an amazon button on your edit page. You will see an amazon dropdown.

Once you have clicked on the name of the widget you designed, you will see a code at the end of your page in yellow.

What you are going to do is hit the text tab. At the end of the writing, Paste the code there. Once done, click on visual and update your page. Once done, Click on preview, You should see your widget on your page. It will look like this. I used the My Favorites widget.

If you were to add the astore itself, it would look like this


I hope this has helped. If you have any questions, please ask and I will try and help the best I can.

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Hudson Premium
Hi there, this is a great training post. Thanks for taking the time to bring this to us. The amount of detail makes it so easy to use,
Thank you
Thanks for making this so easy!
You are welcome
vsap2000 Premium
Ya there are plugins, but need to be careful. Therefore i have not done so, and so using just copying links
I would use only the plugins that have good ratings. I use the amazon shortcodes widget and it works good.
This is revealing, I hope to get something valuable from this.
vsap2000 Premium
Thanks for sharing, i have added individual items and also gone for widgets. do you have any idea if we can use any wordpress amazon plugins.
bryonbrewer Premium
i use "Amazon links localizer" which lets you send people to the correct amazon (.com /.co.uk etc)
yess there are amazon plugins you can use. Just search them up.