The audio files

Technically, this is the most difficult part, since audio comes in several formats. The older generations will remember the .wav files, whilst the new generations will play 'mp's'.

1. Warning: no copycats

Before proceeding, know that all media are submitted to copyrights and laws. Meaning no copycats. Ok? In doing so, you will only harm yourself. Know also there are free sources and they always mention that.

Kindly read here to enhance your understanding:

So, it is important to add an audio disclaimer page to your website too. Especially if you use your own materials or work a lot with playlists or radiostations.

2. Use media in Wordpress.

The most simple method is to use media in your Wordpress editor.

This DIY video's will show you the way:

The media manager :

3. Players and streamers

When it comes to audio you have players and streamers. Let us stick to the simple ok. We only want to add some audio.

Let us start with players.

There are several methods. One of them being adding a plugin. In this case an audio plugin. For the full proces, this video is excellent:

And now the Streamers

This requires a strong theme, a strong host and a strong plugin. Not really for newbees.

However, if you are interested, this is a great apetizer. How to stream radiostations:

4. General tip

This is for the embedded codes in general:

Again nothing to worry about.

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XavierPerez1 Premium
Great sources and ideas. Thank you.
Fleeky Premium Plus
Ty for telling me!
Are you using audio or video?
XavierPerez1 Premium
I have not used any as of yet, but do intend to apply your technique as soon as possible. Thx .
Fleeky Premium Plus
Try the simplest first: the media button in your wordpress editor.
Fleeky Premium Plus
I would like you to help me to replace links with links to trainings by wa members... ty

My eyes are to bad to go through all, especially the lengty ones. So, pl simple and clear.


Fleeky Premium Plus
I will develop those topics in further trainings
MarionBlack Premium
Your training is incomplete and requires readers to follow many links including links to your own websites.

Please read the rules about blogging and training at WA, especially #5 and #9.
Fleeky Premium Plus
Why reinvent the wheel Marion?

Inserting video's in wordpress is a common and accepted fact and not seen as spam.

Hard to explain video's with screenshots... it is just SO complex it can not be explained with one video either.

This tutorial is bonus and teaser trying to show what can be done with it... and as blog it would have been too long.

Thank you for reminding us of the rules. It was my first reading on WA
MKearns Premium
I can see a need for U Tube in this process Fleek!
Fleeky Premium Plus
Yes... that is my point here... thank you for picking up the core of the message...