Please note that this training assumes that you already have your site setup in Google Search Console. If you haven't, you can refer to the guide here:

When I first got started, I was always eager to check my content rankings soon as I published my contents. However, new contents don't always get indexed by Google immediately.

Thanks to another member in WA (thanks Edy), I've learned to get my new contents ranked within minutes. Here's how it's done:

Step 1:

You need to go into your search console page, and navigate to Crawl > Fetch as Google

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albinchero Premium
Thanks for this, its really useful.
SadieChan Premium
Thanks, How about old content e.g a few months back. Do I need fetch them in order to see my ranking. Just set up the Google Search Console. Regards Sadie.
Edwardbeh Premium
Hi Sadie, if you don't see them in the index you can definitely fetch them again in search console.
You can google site: to see if your old content are indexed.
SadieChan Premium
Ok, Thanks
rosieM Premium
Great walk-through! This would make a good step to include in one's 'to do' list when posting articles!
Dreamer56 Premium
Thanks Edward
chuka Premium
This is so cool Edward. Thank you very much :)